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Four Simple DIY Valentines Decor Crafts

Posted on 8th February 2018

It's officially February after what felt like the longest January EVER.  Which means we are one month closer to Spring!!

February also brings the holiday all about love, Valentine's Day!  Since I have two little ones in the house I try to be good about having the house decorated for each holiday to keep things fun and festive for them BUT I'm not going to go out and spend a lot of money to do so.

I'm going to show you four simple DIY projects that you can probably make with your well-stocked craft room.  We all know crafters are hoarders so I'm pretty sure you do have most of these things!!  :)

Valentines Day Banner:

Supply List:

  • wooden banner

  • vinyl (Here is a fun Vday theme pack, great deal!!) might need it for more projects below.

  • transfer tape

  • Silhouette CAMEO (or similar machine)

Simply type out the message you want your banner to read in your selected font.  I'm using Sweetheart from the Valentines Design Bundle

Size it to fit your banner sections and send it to be cut.

This font has all those tiny little dots and you'll notice your machine already pulled some out during the cutting process.

Here's a handy trick for weeding little dots like that.  Use the scraps from weeding away the outside portion and ball it up.  Gently tap the sticky portion down on the dots and they will stick to the vinyl.

Next, I cut apart each letter and applied the transfer tape on top.  You can actually reuse the same piece of transfer tape for all of the letters.  Save those precious materials!!

Apply the vinyl using your scraper tool to the wooden (or any) banner.

All set!!  You're ready to hang it up.


DIY Lightbox Words:

Supply List:

  • Inkjet transparency film  (Note: You must make sure the film works with your printer otherwise it's a smeary mess, this one is perfect for inkjets)

  • Inkjet printer

  • Silhouette CAMEO (heck even scissors or a rotary cutter will work!)

  • Lightbox (I'm using the mini Heidi Swapp version)

If you are using your Silhouette, design rectangle boxes to be the same size as your lightbox slots.

Side Note:  I know I'm always designing in Silhouette Studio, but did you know that you can download and use the software even if you don't own a machine?!?  The basic version is free and I highly recommend it.  It's like having a free simple version of photoshop and you can always print your designs and cut them by hand if needed.

Add the text you want to use.  I'm using the font Lovable from the Valentines Design Bundle.  Again, just size it to fit as you wish.  I wanted the word large so I fit it across 2 rows.

I decided to add a little fun graphic in the top corner, this is a glyph from the Lovable font which you can access by selecting the cursive A in the text tool.

This is the film I used, it tells you on the package which side to print on.  By the way, when I originally invented this DIY method I tried a few products and this by far worked the best.  Let me do the experimenting for you!

Go ahead and send the design to your printer once you've properly loaded the film.  I made sure to update my settings too so it would print it's best.

See how crisp it prints?  It also is instantly dry so you don't have to fear smudging it.

Load the film onto your mat and send it to be cut.  (Or cut by hand if needed)

The machine may or may not recognize the registration marks.  I ended up just turning mine off since it didn't have to be absolutely perfect.

Then simply slide the film into your lightbox, Ta Da!!  Custom lightbox fun, the possibilities are endless!!


Wooden Sign:

You know the drill by now...Pick an adorable font and write out your phrase.

This font is Peony Hearts from the Valentines design bundle.

I didn't like that it had the script unconnected so I changed the line spacing to be 95%, but parts were still disconnected.

Ungroup the word so each letter is separate.

Then you can use your arrow keys to slide the letters next to each other so there is a tiny overlap.

Weld the word back together so it's now one clean cut.

Send it to be cut after sizing it for your sign.

Simply attach the vinyl to your wood sign just like you did for the wooden banner above.  Apply transfer tape and attach.  I figured you didn't need to see photos of the same process twice.

Ok the  last craft I'm going to show you is how to make that cute heart "runner"

Paper Heart Runner:

Find a heart shape from your library or the Silhouette store and size it to your desired size.

To quickly fill the page with the shape go to the replicate tool and select "fill page"

Boom!  How fast and easy was that?

Load your cardstock into the machine and cut out the hearts.  I used 3 sheets of 12" x 12" paper.

Next, I sorted the different papers into piles and started assembling the runners using cotton twine and tape.

To keep them evenly spaced I used my ruler and taped them equally apart.

Repeat this process to be the length of your table or sideboard.  I ended up making 5 strips of alternating 15 hearts and 14 hearts.

Now the fun part!!  Putting it all together with some other decor items from around the house.

I'll show you how to make those cupcake toppers in my other post!

Happy Valentines Day!!

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