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Great Design for Powerful Marketing

Posted on 12th July 2017

Great Design for Powerful Marketing

Excellent design elements call attention to marketing content in crowded spaces and encourage engagement. Many successful marketing campaigns feature cool, attention-getting graphics that arouse strong emotions. So, how can you create those? Follow these tips and put together marketing pieces that rock!

Use Infographics

Infographics are so wildly popular because they are educational and offer a lot of information in a pleasing format. They draw a reader's attention and give your content greater impact, encouraging customers to keep returning.

Consider the Reaction

What kind of reaction are you hoping to elicit from your target audience with your graphic design? Do you want them to click through to another page or to continue reading? Should the graphic summarize or conclude the content you are offering? Graphics designed with the purpose of increasing engagement should be the key to your brainstorming sessions.

Arouse Strong Emotions

Most people pay greater attention when they view something that arouses strong emotions. What evokes strong emotions for this purpose is either something rewarding or something threatening, according to numerous studies that have measured heart rate, brain activity and other physical triggers.

By expanding on the notions from these studies, you can conceive some brilliant original design concepts and bring them beautifully to life. Think of unique ways to grab attention - how about something puzzling? People like to figure things out. Using humor is another good way to arouse strong emotions and make content memorable. What would your target audience think of your humor, and what would be entertaining to them?

Keep It Simple

While interactive graphics are great, don't use complex designs that may annoy or confuse your audience. For instance, when creating infographics, use separate sections to break down different ideas to make it simple for people to navigate the information you are providing.

Don't Forget Social Media

Using graphics that will be shared frequently on social media will get you a lot more mileage out of your design work. This saves you time and money on your marketing campaigns, as you need only create something great once, and your customers - and their friends- and then their friends - share it far and wide. Images glean far more engagement on social media, and it is the actual engagement that is so critical for your business and your SEO. Shareable images increase brand awareness and your overall online presence. Fill them with tons of great information, and you will boost your online reputation as well.

Display Your Products or Services in Graphic Form

This is where you get to be really creative. How can you display your services or your products in your graphics? You must give people the information without them feeling pressured to read. This leaves customers and prospects more relaxed and gives them more control over how they consume information about your business. In turn, they are more comfortable and more apt to do business with you.

Be Uber Creative

Effective graphic design means trying new things continuously and making your graphic designs diverse. Use cool design elements and even cooler designer fonts. This will ensure that your graphic designs draw attention and stand out from your competitors. Using these tips will help you show off the best of your business.

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