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Hot Fonts to Get Your Business Noticed

Posted on 8th September 2016

What are the best and most successful fonts for small businesses in 2016? And which fonts will continue to take center stage on our screens for years to come? As a designer, you may work with websites, design printed material, craft handmade goods or invent new apps for digital products. No matter what your work, considering your client's viewing experience is always the key to success.

Researchers say that the average reader spends up to 11 hours a day looking at digital media. Before, a large number of your customers may have pored over printed documents. But now, technology is changing the way clients are viewing -- and buying -- your products.

This is why it's so important to get your fonts right. Choose the fonts that appeal to your reader, provide the best viewing experience and stand out from the millions of others. In other words, get noticed -- every time!

Here are some hot fonts for business that grew in popularity this year:

1. Handwritten Fonts

Even though customers are accustomed to digital products, they're still looking for a personalized experience. You'll notice this when you see ads that have gone viral. If it appeals to a person's personality, they're more likely to share it. With handwritten fonts such as Julia's Dream, your clients enjoy that authentic feeling of conversation with you, the business owner.

2. Hand-Drawn Typefaces

These fonts have a more artistic, aesthetic feel than the handwritten ones. They resemble hand-painted, curated works of art, making them ideal for crafting businesses that want to provide a good mix of casual and elegant presentations. Try Quentin Typeface Light, which has both lower and uppercase letters available.

3. Serif Fonts

The serif fonts are old-timers, yes, but still classic and well loved. These fonts have a clean feel, making the text easy on the eyes, bringing your customer back to their comfort zone. Lev Serif is one that has both angled and geometric letters -- great for stand-out titles and headlines. For those who need captions for photography, this is a go-to font that will stay in the spotlight.

4. Calligraphy Fonts

Beautiful calligraphy fonts sweep across the screen or page with elegance, turning your words into prose. They are designed to spark a bit of magic and nostalgia, creating a sense of wonder. There are many types of calligraphy fonts to suit various personalities and even moods. Digital products become more dimensional with these fantastical fonts.

5. Foreign Fonts

When you need to convey to your customer an international or foreign brand, sometimes you can't do it with a logo or picture. Try a foreign font that spells it out loud and clear. There's everything from Greek and Latin to Asian and even variations on the English alphabet to draw your clients into a world of possibilities.

6. Fun and Cool Fonts

Logos and brands need to stay fresh while still coming across as fun and unfussy. But even if you're designing something as simple as a digital thank-you note, these fonts are a great way to get your message across.

Got a favorite font that's not listed here? You can find plenty of variations, ideas and inspirations for your small business products in the Font Bundles collections. We constantly update our free font offers and special bundle packages. You'll find fonts that appeal to every personality type and every business need.

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