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How to Design a Word Shaped Card in Silhouette Studio

Posted on 16th October 2017

If you're a font collector like me, then you probably have a nice stash of fonts on your hard drive.  I love adding to my collection regularly because there are so many amazing fonts out there and I'm always exploring new ways to use them. Today I want to show you a fun new way to use fonts in Silhouette Studio. I've created a video tutorial showing you exactly how to create the cutting files for a word shaped card using a font. In this video I am using the newest version of Silhouette Studio (V4) and the font Young Heart from

Now that you have completed the video, you might be wondering what you could use this technique for. Here are a few theme ideas that I came up with for creating a word or number shaped card:
• Graduation (Use card stock or patterned paper in the school colors and the numbers of the graduation year for the shaped card like 2018)
• Christmas (Spell the word JOY or NOEL)
• Baby (Spell the baby's name or the word BABY)
• Valentine's (Spell the word LOVE)
• Birthday (Spell the word WISH, B-DAY, a name, or a child's age)
• Thank you (Spell the word THANKS)

These are just a few themes to help you get the ideas flowing, but as you can see, this technique can be adapted to work for virtually any theme. I hope you explore this technique and put your fonts to good use in Silhouette Studio.

Lori Whitlock

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