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How to Generate a Creative Culture in the Workplace

Posted on 28th July 2017

How to Generate a Creative Culture in the Workplace

An innovative and creative organization attracts talent and new employees. Being at the forefront of developments and making improvements in practice creates a buzz in the workplace. Creative environments are becoming a must-have instead of an option in the workplace today. If you are looking at developing a creative culture in your organization, read on for some ideas on making it happen.

Do a Cultural Audit

How do you know whether your organization is ready for change, or indeed supports new development? By conducting a cultural audit with employees you'll identify challenges and gaps which will inform how you proceed with creating the innovative culture. By assessing behaviors, finite resources and the processes and systems within your organization you'll build a picture of how things need to change to embrace creativity.

Get People to Think Creatively

Giving people the ability to express ideas and suggest projects is an early step on the road to having a creative culture. Make a suggestion box so people can submit ideas and challenge current ways of working. Hold a bring and share lunch where people take turns to present a new way of doing something or an innovative development that gets people talking. Another way is to set up an innovation team that reviews new ideas or horizon scans for the developments on the horizon. By putting your department forward to try new ways of working or pilot new projects you'll be setting the scene for a creative culture.

Set the Scene at Work

Having an organization where learning is part of the culture and people feel supported when asking questions is one where creativity will thrive. Enabling people to have fun while they work is another way of getting people to be creative. If people are not afraid of trying things or making a mistake they will develop their creative ways of working when having fun in the workplace. Get discussion boards in place or use a chat tool like Yammer. Instead of a boardroom style meeting, think about a walking meeting or gathering in the park to get people thinking in a different environment.

Embrace Diversity

If everyone thought in the same way, life would be mundane. While there is a need to be corporate at times, having diverse thoughts, opinions and skills makes for a creative team. Look out for people with a different background who bring new perspectives and skill sets to a department. Encourage visits and secondments between organizations and teams to broaden opinions and views in a team. Don't forget to set up an informal environment for employees to have discussions on a casual and diverse basis as this also enhances creativity.

Provide Freedom within Boundaries

In every organization there are productivity targets to meet. Enabling your staff to work flexibly can increase productivity in the workplace and is increasingly common in working environments. This enables people to complete a task in a way that suits them. Examples include working from home, keeping different hours, but there must be ground rules to ensure objectives are delivered.

By setting the scene for a creative working environment you are also enabling the organization to be more productive and to be ready to embrace future challenges. You'll find you recruit and retain talented workers and there will always be a buzz in your department.

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