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How to Make a Sketched Note Card Set

Posted on 10th August 2018

Did you know that your electronic cutting machine can draw instead of cut?  I have both the Silhouette CAMEO and the Cricut Maker and I prefer to use my Cricut machine for sketching. The markers snap perfectly into the holder and never misbehave (unlike my children).

I  wanted to create some simple notecards to keep on hand for those quick events that pop up or handy thank you notes.  Have you recently bought a ready-made card at the store lately?!  They are getting extremely expensive!

All you need are some basic supplies you probably already have on hand.

The Supply List:

I'm using the gorgeous graphics from the Summer Design Bundle called Your Cool Summer.  Upload the images into the design space and follow the prompts.

You'll want to select that this is a cut image since the machine will be "cutting" the design out with the pens instead of a blade.

I'm combining two elements into one sketch because that bike is just screaming for some adorable flowers on the back.

Scale them to fit together.

On the right-hand side, change the design from being a cut design to a writing design, you can even select your pen color!

If you want the machine to also cut the card to size, add in the lines.

Finally, attach it all together so the program knows this is one design and doesn't separate out your designs.

Click the make it button and make sure that the sketch is at the bottom of the card.

Load the paper onto the cutting mat and into the machine and insert the marker into the holder then hit that flashing button to start the sketching.

It is so fun to watch it draw for you!  I wish my hands could do this, but I'm much better at this version of sketching, trust me!! haha

Once it's done drawing all you need to do is fold the card in half!  I made a few other designs using the same methods to create a mini note card set.

Do you see the theme?  If you love coloring you could color these in by hand, or add some other additional embellishments.  I'm personally a fan of the simple and clean look myself so I left them as is.

These are quick and easy to pull together and great for those last minute party invites.  Go on and make some for yourself!  These are perfect for the holidays too, make some cute cards as gift sets for co-workers and neighbors.  The options are limitless!


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