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How to Make a Spring Round Wall Planter

Posted on 27th March 2018

It's no secret I'm a big fan of faux flowers.  I like that they are always gorgeous, no maintenance, and you can't kill them!  That's my kind of plant right there.

I found a fun round flat planter the other week while wandering my local hobby store and knew it was going home with me for a fun project, I just didn't know what project at the time.

Fast forward to this week and the perfect idea struck me.  I knew I wanted something in vinyl on the pocket portion and the Magical Monogram Bundle was my muse.

Ready to make something pretty for your wall?

The Supply List:

Let's start with designing in Silhouette Studio.  I had mentioned that I'm using a product from the Magical Monogram Bundle.  I'm not a big monogram person but there are no rules that you have to fill the circle with a monogram!  I prefer to look at them as frames instead.

I'm using a monogram wrap from the monogram frame bundle.

Next, I wanted to mock up the planter size so I can scale the design to the right size.  Draw an ellipse (hold the shift key down while dragging to create a circle)

Now use the transform panel to make it the exact size using the scale tool.

If you aren't familiar with the guides, then let me introduce you to a handy tool!!  See the rulers at the top? Click on them and while holding the button down and drag down.

I created the same size area as the pocket portion of the plant hanger.  Now go to the knife tool and cut along that guideline you just drew.

Delete the top portion of the circle.  Let's draw the line across the top to complete the pocket portion.

Scale the band to fit the pocket and use the align tool to center it.

I changed the color to black just to make it easy to see the design.  I added a phrase in the center instead of a monogram.  Bloom seemed appropriate for this project.  It's from the Crafter's Delight Bundle Vol. 3

Scale and center it in the frame.

I didn't want to waste vinyl so I trimmed off the extra on the edges.

I grouped it together so I could move the design to the top left corner of the mat without moving the parts around.

I always shrink down the page size to see what the correct dimensions I can cut my vinyl down too.  I don't like wasting any precious materials!

I was originally going to cut the design in one color only, then changed my mind and decided to make Bloom another color.  I simply ungrouped and pulled it off to the right corner.

Go ahead and send it to be cut!

Weed the design and apply transfer tape on top.

To find the center I used a pencil to mark the center on the metal and then folded the transfer tape to find the center on that. I simply lined them up!  Use the scraper tool to firmly attach the vinyl to the metal.

Repeat the process and attach the bloom phrase.

Take a blade and trim off the extra material from the sides.

Cut the floral foam down to size to fit inside the pocket.

Now the fun part!  Trim the flower stems down to fit inside the planter.  I find triming some longer and some shorter helps make a varied arrangement.

All done!  This will be cute on the wall or your front door.  Where would you hang this in your home?

You know you want to pin this one for later!

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