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How to Make an Affordable and Fun Hostess Gift

Posted on 1st November 2017

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means lots of fun gatherings with friends and family.

Most people bring wine or flowers as gifts but maybe you want to bring something unique and useful for your gracious hosts.

There is also the challenge of gifts fitting into our tight budgets (especially this time of year!)

Here is an affordable and fun hostess gift you can make over and over again!

The Supplies:

First design the stencils for the wooden utensils.  I simply wrote out phrases using different fonts.

If you use a font that overlaps like this:

You will need to weld it together so it cuts as a single unit. (right click to pull up the menu)

Now you're good to cut it!

Here are links to the fonts I used:

Nom: Januar

Mmm: Obviously

Yum: The Sweetest Thing

I used Silhouette brand stencil material, it's a thicker product than normal vinyl but it has a sticky side so it won't move around on you.  What's great about it is you can reuse it!  Just save the little pieces for inner letters like the "o".

I had to change my cut settings from the standard preset.

Blade: 5  Speed: 2  Force: 33 and I told it to cut it two times (2 passes)

Load your cutting mat into the machine and always do a test cut when cutting a new material.  This will save you money and frustration!  (as you can see my first one didn't work)

Cut the words apart and weed out the letters

Because this is a thicker material you don't need to use transfer tape. Take a pencil and trace the words onto the wooden spoon.

Now trace the words with the wood burner tool and fill it in. (I recommend practicing on a scrap piece of wood first to get the hang of it)

Repeat the process for each utensil.

Now it's time to make the oven mitt.

Design it in Silhouette Studio first.  I used delitha and delitha display.

For heat transfer material you need to reverse the design because you cut on the back of the material.

When you go to cut the material and select heat transfer the software will double check with you about mirroring your image.

Cut the material and weed the design.

Iron on or use a heat press to adhere the heat transfer material to the oven mitt.

Follow the directions for the specific material you're using on whether it's a cold or hot peel, then peel off the cover material.

Simply stick the wooden utensils into the oven mitt pocket and you've got an amazing gift!

You're officially ready to be a welcomed guest for all of the upcoming events!



How to make an affordable and fun hostess gift.


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