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Make a Custom Heat Transfer Holiday Pillow

Posted on 19th November 2017

The holidays are quickly approaching!  This year I wanted to make some more kid-friendly holiday decorations since my 2 boys are getting old enough to know what's going on.

Have you seen all of the adorable graphic elements in the Christmas Design Bundle Volume II?  It was honestly hard to pick which one to use!

Even though the graphics aren't set up as SVG files, it's really simple to trace them and convert them into cut files in Silhouette Studio, especially if you've updated to the newest version 4.1.  (You won't regret it!)

I found some buffalo plaid fabric at my local craft store that inspired this whole project.

Materials Needed:

First, design your heat transfer decal in Silhouette Studio.

Open your image and choose the size you want it to be, then select the trace panel.  For an image like this with multiple colors that I want to cut as separate items, the trace by color tool is a game changer.

This was one of the first times I've used this feature and I have to admit...I'm in love!!!  Simply click the eyedropper to trace by color, then click the eyedropper on the color you want to trace.  You can adjust the tolerance if needed but mine worked perfectly without touching it, then click trace.

Repeat the steps above for each color.

The white is where it gets a little bit trickier, but there is an easy fix, select the 'single areas' under the options.  Problem solved!

I filled my traced parts with colors so I remembered which heat transfer color to grab while cutting.

Cut them all out and don't forget to mirror.

Once they are all cut, weed them and set them aside.

How to make the pillow:

Measure your pillow form and make the fabric 1" wider all around for seam allowances.  I wanted an envelope style pillow so I can easily switch the covers out.  Also with plaids like this, take the time to line up the pattern, it really makes it look professional when completed.

Since I'm adding pom-poms to the corners of this pillow, I stopped sewing about 1" away from the corner so I could place the pom-pom inside.

Next, make the pom-poms!  This was also super fast and easy with the help of the pom-pom maker.

Follow the directions that come with it.  Make sure to leave yourself a nice "tail" from the center tie so you can attach them to the pillow.  I had to trim mine up a bit so it was nice and even all around.

I then stuck the pom-pom inside the corner and pinned it and sewed the final gap.  I also went over the corners at a 45-degree angle to make sure they were attached well and it helped make it a tight fit.

Flip the cover right side out and the pillowcase is now ready for the heat transfer decals.

My pillowcase was larger than my press so the pom-poms hung outside of the pressing pad.  I just made sure everything was nice and centered then attached the black outline first so I could "paint by color" with the other pieces.

Next, I added the white bear section.  Just make sure to line it up carefully with the black outline.  Follow the heat directions that come with your vinyl type.

Then, I added the red Santa hat.  Press each color separately so you don't accidentally press a clear protective sheet inside of one (been there, done that!)

Finally I added the white portions of the hat with white glitter heat transfer vinyl.

Here is the finished pillow before adding the pillow form:

I mean can that bear be any cuter?!?

Now to make a few other cute creature pillows to make my sofa nice and festive this holiday season!!

Happy sewing and crafting my friends :)

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