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Make a Super Tray for your Superheros

Posted on 14th May 2018

Have you guys seen the new Wonderful Graphics bundle yet?  I was so excited when I saw it included some of our favorite characters in this little boy filled house, SUPERHEROS!!

Our other favorite in this house is the dollar store, the one place that they are allowed to add things to the cart without hearing, "No, that's too expensive please put it back".  When I saw these fun trays I had to grab them with visions of outdoor picnics in our future this summer.

Side note:  Picnics always seem like a great idea in your head until you're actually having one, amiright?  Bugs flying around with spilled food on the ground and kid's running around doing anything but eating, BUT we still try!  I figured these trays might help keep the food out of the dirt, maybe.

This is a pretty straightforward project!  A cutting machine makes this quick work but it's not necessarily needed.

The Supply List:

Open the graphics in your design software.  I'm using Silhouette Studio (which has a free version and you don't have to own a machine to use).

I picked a hero for each kid and a fun sound graphic too.  Next scale them down to fit.  I made the heroes 4" x 4" and the sound graphics 2" x 2" to fit inside the cup holder spot.

If you are using your CAMEO to cut out the graphics, don't forget to add the registration marks.  If you're using scissors then you can skip these next few steps and print it out now.

To turn the images into cut files you'll need to use the trace tool to add cut marks around the outside edges.  Make sure the whole outside edge is filled with yellow and select "trace outer edge".  That will add the thin red line around your graphic.

Don't forget to group it together if you plan on moving it around.

For the sound graphics I just added a circle with a 2.5" diameter and centered them in the center.

You're good to send this to the printer now using the best print settings available.

After it's printed, we're going to add the laminate overlay on top to keep the vinyl protected from the future food spills and abuse.

I find that folding down the laminate about 1" then attaching it along the top and slowly attaching as you move the paper backing away is the best not to get wrinkles or bubbles.

Definitely use your application tool to get a firm grip.  Again, work slowly and take your time.  I moved it down maybe a quarter of an inch at a time.

Once you have the laminate attached over top of the printable vinyl, trim away any extra off the sides.  Attach it to your cutting mat and send it to be cut.

If you are using scissors instead of a machine, just carefully cut out the shapes.

You have to remember that you've added an extra layer of material to your vinyl so the standard cut settings aren't going to work.

These are the cut settings I used after doing several test cuts to make sure I got a nice clean cut.

While that's cutting out, open a new design page and type out their names.

I'm using the Kristof Block font that was in a previous bundle.  Simply scale it to the correct size and send it to be cut in your choice of vinyl.

After it's cut, weed away the extra vinyl and add your transfer tape on top.

Attach all of the vinyl to the tray.  For the graphic images I just peeled it off the backing paper and attached it like a sticker.

Now your superheros have their very own personalized trays!!

Now take a deep breath and let the picnic chaos begin!!



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