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Make a Three Dimensional Farmhouse Sign

Posted on 15th August 2018

If you're a Cricut Maker user you're probably pretty excited about the recent release of the knife blade.  They also came out with some super thick chipboard made to be cut using that fabulous new machine.

I've been dying to test cutting something out of it and had a metal heart I found on clearance at my local craft store.  I decided to create a fun sign to hang in our bedroom combining those two elements.

The Supply List:

I'm using the Ampersands from the Amazing Craft Bundle Vol. 2 for this design.  Start by importing the images into Design Space.

Follow the prompts the software gives you to finish the importing process.

As you can see I'm using the banner and an ampersand for my design, upload them onto your canvas.

Next, I used the shape tool to draw a heart approximately the same size as my sign so I could scale the design to fit.

Move the sign design to the front so you can see it laying on top of the heart.

I created a copy of the banner.  I wanted to cut one banner out of the chipboard as a base and another out of vinyl for the details.

If you look on the right-hand side of the screen, you'll see that if you click the eye image you can hide seeing those portions of the design.  I hid the white background portions of one banner so it looked like a transparent version.

Now to create the solid banner select the other one and weld it together.

With Cricut, colors matter because it will automatically sort the various colors onto separate mats for you.  So I changed the colors to match the final product.

Next, I added our two first name initials using the font Rebel Rouser.

Once I had one letter the right size I simply duplicated it and changed the text to say the other letter.

My original plan was to cut the letters out of chipboard too.  That's why I have them brown here.

Once you're happy, click 'make it' to have it sorted onto the various mats and prepped to cut.  I also deleted the heart since I only needed it for design purposes.

Adjust the cut settings for the materials.  I decided to start with the chipboard to see how it did.

Attach the chipboard to your cutting mat and use extra tape around the edges to prevent it from slipping while being cut.

The machine will take a while to cut these out.  I think mine ended up doing 20 passes.

I quickly learned that the thin letters aren't the best to be cut out of the chipboard since the machine does so many passes.  It started to tear the top layers, booo!!!  The banner did fine though!

Not a hard fix, I simply just changed the color of the letters in design space so it would cut with the vinyl instead.

Then I sent that portion to be cut!  Don't forget to swap out the knife blade for your normal blade.

Cut the vinyl portions apart and weed away the extra vinyl.

Use your transfer tape to layer the vinyl on top of the chipboard banner.

Also, transfer the letters onto the metal sign.  I just used some double sided tape to attach the chipboard portion to the sign.

Peel off the transfer tape from the letters and your sign is done!!

This would make a great wedding or anniversary present.  I'll be hanging mine with our wedding photos.

I love a good farmhouse sign look!!  The chipboard is really fun to work with now that I know it's limitations.  I'll be thinking of some other fun designs to use it with for another project!


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