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Make Your Wedding Guests Laugh with this Sign

Posted on 29th April 2018

Spring is finally here which also means that wedding season is upon us.  My younger brother is one of the lucky souls getting married this summer so of course I have to help make fun decor for the special occasion.

They are a fun couple who doesn't take life super seriously so I thought this would be the perfect addition over by the open bar.

This doesn't have to be for weddings alone!  Any bar with dancing needs this sign.  I'll show you how to make it!

The Supply List:

The first step is to remove all of those staples holding the canvas onto the wood frame.  I used a flathead screwdriver to lift it up then the needle nose pliers to pull them out.

Next, lay your wood ring on the top of the canvas to make sure it fits.

Take a pen or pencil and trace around the outer edge.

Cut about 1/4 to 1/2" on the inside of your line you just drew.  You want the canvas to be slightly smaller than the frame.

Perfect fit! (don't worry about the creases, we are ironing it and it will all flatten out)  Go ahead and get your heat press or iron heating up along with your glue gun.

While everything is heating up, let's design our funny saying.  I'm using Buttercup from The Best Sellers Bundle Volume V.

Ready for it?!?  Of course your best friend Alcohol from the open bar is telling you this true statement.  That's written in Butterflies script from the Love to Craft bundle.

Size it to fit your canvas, align it, then flip it horizontally since this is a heat transfer project and you cut on the back of the material.

Adjust your cut settings and send it to be cut.

I'm using navy EasyWeed heat transfer material because that's their main wedding color.

Weed away the extra material using your hook tool.

All of your tools should be hot by now.  First press the entire canvas to get it nice and flat.

To easily find the center of your canvas fold it into quarters.  Repeat this with your heat transfer decal and simply line them up.

Once it's all lined up press the heat transfer onto the canvas.  You know it's a perfect seal when you see the canvas fibers through the HTV.

Wrap your ribbon around the wood ring.  I used two colors to add more visual interest and to incorporate their wedding colors.  Just use a dab of hot glue on the ends to secure it down.  Watch your fingers, that glue is hot!!

Glue the canvas onto the back of the frame.  I started by attaching at the former crease lines then went back and glued all the way around the circle.

Use your needle nose pliers to cut the stems of faux flowers down to size to attach to the frame.

Arrange the flowers on the frame (I always do a test first before gluing) then attach them with lots of hot glue.

I LOVE how this turned out!!  I also love their choice of wedding colors.  Navy, soft pink, soft greens, and white.  Doesn't it look gorgeous together?

Now simply get an easel to hold this up and place it by the bar.  Prepare for the laughter and dancing fun too!!

Always remember to wear comfortable shoes too!  You're going to need them so you can dance the night away.  Happy wedding season you guys!!

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