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Crafters Revolution Font Bundle

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Sorry, this bundle has expired. You can still get one of our other great bundles.

Calligraphy Font Bundle

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40 Fully Accessible PUA Encoded Fonts.

Beautiful in nature and elegant in style, these fully accessible fonts will complement any design or craft project for personal or commercial use. Using Character Map or Font Book you can access every single Glyph without any special design software with our PUA encoded craft font bundle.

Crafters Revolution Font Bundle is the start of what we believe to be a change in the way digital design work is consumed. Gone are the days of having to pay for expensive design software to access font glyphs, we believe everybody should be able to use these fantastic, beautifully designed typefaces to their full potential.

Saving 95% off the RRP and a cool $571 – this craft bundle is a must have for any font enthusiast. Complete with 40 diverse fonts for all projects!

The bundle comes with a full commercial licence which can be found here:

 $600.00 EXPIRED
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Este paquete incluye las siguientes fuentes

Aintzane - 572 glyphs
Alistaren Destiny - 243 glyphs
Anastasia - 502 glyphs
Austtria Script - 635 glyphs
Beauty Atok - 394 glyphs
Black Kost - 93 glyphs
Black Rose - 117 glyphs
Boldoa Mat - 170 glyphs
Calista - 435 glyphs
Cinderella Script - 458 glyphs
Cute Baby Script - 234 glyphs
Edeline - 126 glyphs
Evelyn - 388 glyphs
Gracias - 478 glyphs
Happy Hour - 68 glyphs
Harlem Script - 146 glyphs
Hemlock Marker - 90 glyphs
Imagination - 91 glyphs
Last Light - 348 glyphs
Laurence Script - 284 glyphs
Lisa Marie - 232 glyphs
Lovelia Script - 574 glyphs
Master Faith - 540 glyphs
Mofishine - 611 glyphs
Past Neur - 274 glyphs
Patronia Script - 305 glyphs
Raffiator Script - 701 glyphs
Ricca - 446 glyphs
Rustal Typo - 124 glyphs
Samitha - 304 glyphs
Samuella - 382 glyphs
Sheilova - 546 glyphs
Sidolly - 301 glyphs
Sobbers - 105 glyphs
Stay High - 283 glyphs
Steamfunk - 103 glyphs
Stiquez - 139 glyphs
Vemissof Font - 124 glyphs
Zailla - 529 glyphs
Zerica - 547 glyphs

  Significa que la fuente está codificada PUA y está accesible en el mapa de caracteres y en el libro de fuentes

Glifos de fuentes totales para cada tipo de letra en el paquete: 13,042

Una mirada más cercana sobre algunas de las fuentes incluidas

Aintzane Script design 1
Aintzane Script design 2
Aintzane Script design 3
Aintzane Script design 4
Aintzane Script design 5
Aintzane Script design 6
Aintzane Script design 7
Aintzane Script design 8
Anastasia design 1
Anastasia design 2
Anastasia design 3
Anastasia design 4
Anastasia design 5
Austtria Script design 1
Austtria Script design 2
Austtria Script design 3
Austtria Script design 4
Austtria Script design 5
Austtria Script design 6
Calista Script design 1
Calista Script design 2
Calista Script design 3
Calista Script design 4
Calista Script design 5
Cinderella Script design 1
Cinderella Script design 2
Cinderella Script design 3
Cinderella Script design 4
Cinderella Script design 5
Edeline design 1
Edeline design 2
Edeline design 3
Edeline design 4
Edeline design 5
Gracias design 1
Gracias design 2
Gracias design 3
Gracias design 4
Gracias design 5
Gracias design 6
Gracias design 7
Gracias design 8
Harlem Script design 1
Harlem Script design 2
Harlem Script design 3
Harlem Script design 4
Last Light design 1
Last Light design 2
Last Light design 3
Last Light design 4
Last Light design 5
Lisa Marie design 1
Lisa Marie design 2
Lisa Marie design 3
Lisa Marie design 4
Lisa Marie design 5
Mofishine design 1
Mofishine design 2
Mofishine design 3
Mofishine design 4
Mofishine design 5
Mofishine design 6
Raffiator Script design 1
Raffiator Script design 2
Raffiator Script design 3
Raffiator Script design 4
Raffiator Script design 5
Raffiator Script design 6
Raffiator Script design 7
Ricca design 1
Ricca design 2
Ricca design 3
Ricca design 4
Ricca design 5
Samitha design 1
Samitha design 2
Samitha design 3
Samitha design 4
Samitha design 5
Sheilova design 1
Sheilova design 2
Sheilova design 3
Sheilova design 4
Sheilova design 5
Sidolly Font design 1
Sidolly Font design 2
Sidolly Font design 3
Sidolly Font design 4
Sidolly Font design 5
Sidolly Font design 6
Stay High design 1
Stay High design 2
Stay High design 3
Stay High design 4
Stay High design 5
Stay High design 6
Stay High design 7
Stay High design 8
Zailla Script design 1
Zailla Script design 2
Zerica design 1
Zerica design 2
Zerica design 3
Zerica design 4
Zerica design 5

Términos de la licencia

Todas las fuentes incluidas en este paquete están disponibles para su uso personal y comercial, bajo la licencia Premium License. Puedes leer los términos de la licencia aquí.


Todas nuestras fuentes son fáciles de instalar y son proporcionadas ya sea en OTF (OpenType) y/o TTF (True Type Font) y estos formatos se abrirán con cualquier programa. Ofrecemos aquí una gama de tutoriales con glifos adicionales que vienen incluidos con una gran cantidad de fuentes dentro del paquete. También ofrecemos guías fáciles sobre cómo instalar las nuevas fuentes con rapidez.

We have created an exclusive group for all Font Enthusiasts to join. The purpose of the group is to answer questions,...

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