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Can I sell digital products made from my purchased items?

Our licenses do cover the creation of new designs, according to a few guidelines. There are

different rules for fonts and graphics.


You may use fonts from our marketplace to create unique word, name, phrase, or quote

designs, which you can then sell as digital products. The text would need to be flattened to a

raster format (such as PNG or JPG) or expanded to vector shapes, so that the font itself isn't

needed by your customer or a printer. The main thing you cannot do with a font is re-sell it or its

characters in any format with the intention that your customers can create their own text

designs, including converting characters to alphabet sets (such as an SVG alphabet or PNG

alphabet) or any other alphabet product (such as an embroidery font).


Any purchased graphics will need to be modified and combined/overlapped with

other elements (graphics and/or text) so that you create a new and unique transformative work:

something that clearly transforms the purchased items into something different. Your new design

cannot include the original graphics in their as-purchased state, nor in any way that they could

be pulled out from the design, and the new design can't be similar enough to the original that it

could be confused for the original or compete with the original in the general marketplace.

There will definitely be some graphics and designs that can't be edited enough to create

something truly transformative, especially more intricate or detailed designs, or complete print-

ready designs. Creating a transformative work is easier with simpler graphic elements.

You can see more information and guidance on creating transformative works on our licensing page.

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