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Store Credit Payment Method

One method of payment on Design Bundles and Font Bundles is Store Credit. Users can purchase store credit here.

Store Credit allows you to store a balance on the website which can be used to pay for Fonts and Design Resources. By paying with Store Credit you will be able to benefit from 10% discount on all non-sale purchases.

To use store credit, your cart must be at or below the available store credit balance. If your cart total is more than the amount of store credit available, you will be asked add additional store credit to cover the difference, or to pay in full with a different method. It is not possible to split payments between store credit and a card or PayPal.

Store credit will expire after 180 days - but instead of being erased completely, it is converted into Plus Credits - at the rate of $1 to 1 Plus credit.

What is a Plus Credit? Find out here.

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