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Which license do I need?

The license you need will depend on the type of business you’ll be conducting with the

purchased products, and how many people will be using those purchased products.

The biggest difference between the two license options is the number of users covered: the

Premium License, which is the standard license available for all products, allows personal and

commercial use for one person. The Corporate Licenses covers all users within one company,

organization, or household. (Note: not all products have a Corporate License purchase option;

it’s up to each seller to decide if they want to offer it.)

The Premium License does have some limitations in place in areas such as broadcasting and

large-scale web font use; those limitations are set at a level that most solo users don’t need to

worry about reaching. For those areas of limitation, the Corporate License covers unlimited use.

For more in-depth information on how various types of uses are covered or not covered by the

two license options, please visit our Licensing Page.

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