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Paula Matilda Font
Natalie Caydence - Elegant Script
Peter Quincy - Font Duo
Olime - Cute Script
Punizione - Sans Vintage Font
Sharica - Script Font
Kasper Lullaby - Handdrawn Sans Font
Shikatta - Signature Font
Olismore - Playfull Font
Rawinda - Handdrawn Font
Minahils - Vintage Sans Font
Brushella - Beautiful Script Font
Diane Amorta - Cute Font
Olivade - Script Font
Audrey Tatum Font
Jakobenz - Vintage Serif Font
Camilla Ahoy - Cute Script Font
Mike Samiya Font
Hontary - Handdrawn Script Font
Daisuke - Signature Font
Ottmar - Handwritten font
Death Squire - Cute Horror Font
Barthez - Victorian Serif Font
Rodetta - Sans Vintage Font
Ganetha Font
Solvetta - Beautiful Signature Font
Omelette Script Font
Silver King - Script Font
Barletta - Vintage Serif Font
Wensfort Font
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Hello! My name is Akhmad Reza Fauzi. I'm a professional graphic designer, focusing on lettering and typography. Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. ------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE September 2019. I decided to move all of my fonts from my second project, that is Silverstein Design to my main shop here. Thank you for always supporting my work!

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Solvetta - Beautiful Signature Font
Silver King - Script Font
Barletta - Vintage Serif Font