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I'am Type Designer from Watampone, Indonesia. Love to make some simple and useful font projects, funny characters and lovely scripts. Just check the portfolio project to see work

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Born Pacific
$18.00 USD
Qweny Check - Liquid Type
Vingard - Classic Serif
$19.00 USD
Mochest Romantic
Jonathan Andrea
Glagio - Handwritten Script
Brown Marlyn - Font Duo
Wiloka - Unique Sans
Alfiyah - Modern Calligraphy
Dafista - Classic Elegant Font
Satisfied - BRUSH FONT
Grasted Rosta
$19.00 USD
Alexandria Signature
Zaystack - Brush Script
the Jagret - Soft & Bold Serif
Chöcolate Crispy
Costyle - A Handriwtten Font
Callient - Modern Signature
Lostar - Display Modern
VIGRAN MAROLL - Display Modern
Jungle Mask - Modern Font
Wangi - Stencil Style
Zagora - Modern Font
Michelia - Modern & Aesthetic
Modern & Aesthetic Bundle
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Glow Better - Modern Font Duo
Dream Glory | A Stylish Font Duo
Billbreak - Bold Script
Noctura Georgia - Font Duo
Southmore | Lovely Modern Script
Madinah Authentic | Stylish Font
Cheorcy |Modern Sans|
Grotters - Urban Font
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