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Dingbats fonts are ornamental and symbol-based. The font substitutes a character or symbol for each alphabetical character. Depending on the dingbats font selected you could enter A on your keyboard and get any character appearing from a snowflake to a pair of scissors.

Not surprisingly, dingbats fonts aren’t used much in the business sector. They are more commonly seen in print items that require a personal touch. A more obvious use for dingbats fonts is on party and seasonal invitations, posters and leaflets. The characters can be used to add humour, visual interest and decorative borders.

Dingbats fonts aren’t all about frivolity. They have a respectable history of serious use, that goes way back before the use of manual typewriters. Fleurons are examples of dingbats characters that appear as stylised flowers and leaves. These are the very oldest dingbats in use. They showed where paragraph breaks were needed in Greek and Latin texts.

Section breaks are still in use today and some writers and graphic designers like to use a pair of dingbats characters to indicate a break in the text. Look for rodeo riders on horseback, dragons, mushrooms, Halloween pumpkins and any manner of other quirky characters. The world of dingbats fonts is well-named. Spend too long looking for exactly the right dingbats font from the Font Bundles collection and dingbats is how someone might feel!

Dingbats fonts are well-placed for use in creative, artistic and craft projects. The fonts lend themselves to use in card and print-making projects.



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