Free Cricut Fonts

Crafters, you’ve found the mother load of free Cricut fonts! And not just any ‘ole font-one that comes with both personal and commercial use license. Pretty fantastic, isn’t it! Whether you’re a graphic designer or a crafter who enjoys doing awesome projects, fonts are the perfect element for your design toolbox. Browse through this collection and see if you can find a few new favorites? With a wide mix of lettering styles, you can find the perfect typeface for every project like paper crafts, scrapbooking, t-shirt designs, and more!

Best Free Cricut Fonts

Getting the Best Fonts for Cricut can be a chore! There are lots of sites which do not cater for the Crafter like Font Bundles does. Our variety of free fonts for Cricut on this page include simply the best Script Fonts, Writing Fonts, Calligraphy Fonts and more! It's no wonder these font downloads are so popular.

Cute Free Cricut Fonts to Download

Designers, when you run across something that’s just so cute, sometimes you just have to say yes! Not just for the Cricut machine, but these stunning options are ideal for Silhouette and other cutting machines too. Pair up your Cute Fonts for Cricut with a few with some sweet clipart and create unique decals or stickers. As you browse through this collection, you’ll likely run across the perfect choice for all your crafts like quote graphics, t-shirt designs, and more. In fact, why not pick out a few favorite photos and incorporate them into borders, frames or other embellishments. And why not, with so many Cute Cricut fonts to choose from.

Best Cursive Fonts for Cricut

What makes something the best? Is it whether you’ll use it, or it suits your needs? We hope you’ll find something here that answers yes to both of these important design questions! Get ready to browse through the best Cricut fonts, ideal for crafters, designers and other creative types. With options that range from stylish scripts to funky sans serif styles, there’s a mix of everything in this fantastic collection! Choose some new styles and get busy making t-shirt designs, scrapbooking, creating journals or stationary, and don’t forget decals.

Best Cursive Fonts for Cricut
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Best Cursive Fonts for Cricut Image 6
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Free Cricut Fonts With Tails

Crafters, makers and graphic designers especially enjoying working with these fun styles for various projects. Everyone seems to be fans of tails, glyphs and alternates and who can blame them! There’s something sweet and magical about the swash on the end that gives your art or craft projects that special touch. You’ll find the perfect choices for card designs, scrapbooking, blog posts, and even poster art. No matter your preferred craft, the best swashes and alternates are right here!

Free Cricut Sports Fonts

Download these Free Varsity Fonts for Cricut and Sports Jersey Fonts which can be used to create Shirts for your Local College Football team

Cicut Monogram fonts

Cicut Monogram fonts
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Cicut Monogram fonts Image 3
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Cicut Monogram fonts Image 5
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Cicut Monogram fonts Image 6
Cicut Monogram fonts Image 7
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Free SVG Fonts

These beautiful SVG Fonts are Free Downloads - grab them while they're still free and add them to Design Space to create super cool projects today!

Free SVG Fonts
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How to Download Fonts to Cricut

You may be wondering How to Download fonts to Cricut, or even upload them to Cricut Design Space. Adding a Font is simple and easy. Follow our Font Guides below to get started. We also know that adding tails to fonts, is something that can add a whole new dimension to your design work. We've covered that in one of our tutorials below - we call them glyphs! Installing your font on a PC or Mac is simple - we've got you covered with that one too! However, this may vary if using the Cricut App on the iPad.

How to add a font to Cricut Design Space

In this video guide we'll cover Adding a Font to Cricut Design Space. This simple step by step guide will help you add any font you download to use with Cricut. Some people call in importing a font, but it's actually much easier than that!

Cricut Fonts Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will try to cover some of the questions our users have around Cricut Fonts and using them in Cricut Design Space

How and where to get free fonts for Cricut?

Simply go to and download any font you wish to use. Typically thicker fonts cut better on Die Cutting Machines such as Cricut. Font Bundles understand Crafters and therefore our Fonts are more likely to work better than other sites.

How to download and add Free Fonts to Cricut Design Space

Once you have downloaded your Free Font, unzip and extract. Double click to bring up the install panel then click install. Once you have done this, restart Cricut Design Space and you'll new Font will be available to use.

What is a kerned Cricut Font?

Kerned means the fonts spacing has been determined between it's letters. By proportioning the letters and numbers correctly a font is said to have been Kerned and therefore is likely to look good in your Cricut Projects.

Cricut Design Space Updates in 2023

We'll cover adding fonts + a range of other features and options within the Design Space software to ensure you are Crafting like a Pro!

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