Regular Fonts

Regular fonts are the workhorses of the design world. Most people are familiar with the look and feel of them through using them in word processing both at work and at home.

The understated appeal and high readability of regular fonts are important for a lot of projects. If a project has a serious business purpose, a regular font should always be top of the list under consideration as a good fit for the job.

Reports, presentations and other documents look polished and professional in regular fonts. Web designers who create websites for companies will also find that regular fonts convey a premium quality brand image for the business.

The use of regular fonts can extend across all areas of a company’s visual branding, not just their web presence. Regular fonts make a great typeface for all kinds of documents. See them in sales brochures and invoices, to letterheads, compliment slips and newsletters.

Regular fonts work well across many industry sectors. Graphic designers choose regular font downloads, getting ahead of the competition by adding a fresh look to their designs.

Job applicants who want to stand out from the crowd on their resume, but not in a Comic Sans kind of way, can have fun choosing from one of the many regular fonts on offer.

Students submitting assignments and dissertations will probably use a regular font. The same goes for teaching materials. Content presented in regular font makes for a top choice because it’s accessible with good readability.



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