Sans Serif in Regular

The sans serif fonts don’t have the serif lines at the top and bottom of each letter. Sans serif is really popular in business, think Arial and Helvetica. Sans serif is pretty cool. Look out for sans serif fonts hanging out in company logos like Calvin Klein.

It’s no wonder that designers and artists use sans serif fonts to communicate simplicity and modernity. Like a crisp white shirt, a sans serif font gives the reader clean lines and sharp edges. If a product or website wants to present a youthful and casual image, a sans serif font just might be the one.

Creators of online content are also drawn to sans serif fonts because they are easily readable on-screen. This makes sans serif fonts a great choice for these very practical as well as aesthetic reasons. If a graphic or web designer has a funky and relatable brand image to project, they are going to give sans serif some serious consideration.

The use of sans serif fonts packs a punch for all aspects of a company’s visual branding and digital presence. Sans serif fonts make a great typeface for all kinds of documents and written communication.

It’s important to understand what a company or product is trying to convey before jumping on the sans serif bandwagon. Disruptive companies like Uber and Apple use a sans serif font to communicate their powerful purpose with stylish intent. Sans serif is the way to go for people wanting to shake things up.



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