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10 Designs for the Perfect Girls Weekend

Posted on 6th August 2019

Ok ladies, I don't know about you, but I could really use a girl's weekend soon!  I love my husband and kids but there is no comparison to some time spent with your friends relaxing, laughing, and most likely drinking something festive.

No girls weekend is complete without fun matching shirts!  It could be a bachelorette, birthday celebration, or any excuse for a trip.

I have rounded up 10 amazing designs for every possible occasion so all you have to do is cut, press, and pack!

 1. I'm Bringing The....

You know which shirt matches your friends!  Go on and make them and wear them proudly on your trip.  I would be the snacks lady!!  :)  I mean, food is very important, nobody wants to be hangry while having fun.


2.  Girls Weekend

Simply stated but perfectly designed!  You can use this for so many different projects.  Wouldn't it be cute on an overnight bag?


3.  Bachelorette Bundle

Bachelorette parties are the ultimate girls weekend event!  Having special shirts is practically a requirement, this bundle is perfect for easy outfits!


4.  Funny Bachelorette Set

Because sometimes the party gets out of control!  Similar to the designs above but geared for bachelorette fun.  These shirts will make the other people around you have a good laugh.


5.  On Cloud Wine

Wine tour getaway anyone?  This shirt would be the perfect accessory for that adventure.  You know, or maybe just a random Tuesday night.  :)  Make one for the wine lover you know!


6.  Wine SVG Bundle

Let's keep the wine fun going!  Here are more great designs for a wine fueled weekend event.  


7.  Beach Vacation Design Bundle

The best kind of getaway (in my opinion) is a beach vacation!!  There is nothing better than relaxing on a warm beach, listening to the waves, with a fruity drink in your hand!


8.  Girls Trip

This design speaks the truth!  Sign yourself up for another session with the ladies soon.


9.  Oh Ship, Girls Trip

Planning a cruise with the girls soon?!?  Here's your shirt design!  Just try not to have too much fun.


10.  Bachelorette Party Bundle

Here's one last bachelorette bundle for every situation!  Sports, food, country, beach, wine, and the titles.  This one covers them all.


Make sure to save this for your next ladies weekend!


10 SVG designs perfect for girls trips!

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