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10 FREE SVG Quotes

Posted on 7th March 2019

Quotes, the design type that can literally be used for ANY type of project.

Need instant artwork? Frame a quote!  Need a cute t-shirt?  Cut some heat transfer and iron it on.  Cute mug? You guessed it, add vinyl or etch it in a glass mug.  I could keep going, but I won't.

Here are 10 FREE SVG quote designs that you can use for personal OR commercial use.  So go on and start downloading now!

1. My Doctor Said I Need Glasses

Wine lovers out there rejoice!  The perfect excuse for drinking has arrived.  Was the Dr. very specific in his directions?  I think not!


2. Heart Says Cupcake

This design just screams to be a cute workout gear item. Shirt, water bottle, gym bag, etc.  And it's also speaking the truth to all of us sweet lovers who fight the temptation battle every day.


3. It's So Good to be Home

Know anyone who just moved?  This design would make a perfect home warming gift.  Realtors...just saying it might be a great gift to give at closing!!  This would make an adorable doormat, sign, mug, cutting board, etc.


4. May Your Coffee

Everybody needs a mug with this saying!  I want to know who out there actually likes Monday, anyone?  Sorry Monday, you bring us a fresh week but we wish the weekends would last a little bit longer.


5. Rocking the Mama Life

Calling all moms!  Here's a cute design for you.  Make a shirt, mug, water bottle, etc.  It's the hardest job in the world but oh so gratifying at the same time.  This pairs perfectly with yoga pants and a messy bun while drinking all the coffee or wine.


6.  You Are Enough

This mantra is something we all need to remember every. single. day!  In this world with social media, it's easy to become overwhelmed by everyone else's highlight reels.  Just remember, they struggle just like you.  Just keep putting one foot forward and doing the best you can do.  It is enough!


7.  Teaching my Tribe

Educators, the other job that is beyond important yet undervalued in today's society.  We are who we are because of the teachers who helped shape us on our journey to adulthood.  I bet your favorite teacher just popped into your mind right now, didn't they?  Make this into a special gift to show you do appreciate all they do every day.


8.  Cheer up and Relax Bundle

Here is an extra bonus!  5 files for the price of FREE!  It also pretty much sums up what we think on a daily basis.  Adulting is definitely overrated.  We can't wait to grow up as kids and then one day you look back and question all of those life goals.


9.  Bless this Mess

This design is also known as the state of my life!  :)  I think it applies to most of the world too.  Sure there are a few neat people out there but let's be honest, they are the exception to the rule, right?


10. The Future Depends

Another file that speaks the truth.  Every action today reflects on what happens tomorrow.  Do you remember the show Quantum Leap or the newer show Timeless?  They based both shows on making a small change in the past to save our futures.  I mean if it's on TV it has to be real!  Just like the internet.  :)

Don't forget to pin all of this goodness too!

Free SVG Quote designs for Cricut or Silhouette

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