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10 Heart Fonts for Your Valentine's Day Craft Projects

10 Heart Fonts for Your Valentine's Day Craft Projects

Crafters and graphic designers, if you find yourselves swooning over glyphs, ligatures, and flourishes then you’re going to love this list of 10 heart fonts! What is it about these elements that make us so happy? Creating art or designs with pop and pizzazz can be easy when you’re working with a few stunning scripts. We’ve all seen some of the popular choices, but today I’m going to show you some great options you may not have previously come across.

Graphic designers and crafters alike seem to love working with all the fun extras, and who can blame them. There are certain themes or designs that seem to just need an extra pop, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to use some love fonts or romantic fonts. As I work through the list, I’ll show you ten stunning scripts or even bundles, all with hearts incorporated somehow, and share some fun craft project ideas as well. Let’s get started!

1. Valentine Heart Bundle Created by Yoga Letter6

This bundle contains 30 amazing script styles that any crafter or maker would love to add to their collection. Do you have a collection of favorites? I know I do, but then I’m a hoarder that way! The great thing about bundles is that you often get a wonderful variety of styles, and when the price is right, it’s a “no-brainer.” You can’t go wrong with the mix of love fonts with hearts in Valentine Heart Bundle. I love pretty much all of them, but my favorites are Khallita, Hello Valentine, and Sherllia.

10 Heart Fonts for Your Valentine’s Day Craft Projects 1

Image Credit: Yoga Letter6

Most typefaces have multiple uses, and bundles even more so. These would be perfect for papercrafts like card designs. Wedding t-shirt designs, or wood signs are another fantastic project idea! Many of the scripts in this bundle have heart fonts, but there’s a great mix of floral options too. It’s a crafter’s delight of glyphs, alternates, and ligatures here.

2. Valentine’s Font Bundle-4 Font Families Created by Jordyn Alison Designs

We’re just starting with a real bang here crafters, it’s bundle after bundle! At first glance, you may not be able to see the lovely glyphs in Love Font Bundle, but if you browse through the photos provided, you can see that Love Struck has sweet connector glyphs with hearts, making this a great choice for love fonts with hearts. Plus, the other three included in this bundle are fun styles that have a wonderful handwritten feel.

10 Heart Fonts for Your Valentine’s Day Craft Projects 2

Image Credit: Jordyn Alison Designs

I love the variety the designer has provided in Love Font Bundle. With just this bundle, I could easily make almost anything! I think Love Bug and Love Notes would look amazing used for sublimation or tumbler designs. Imagine the quote graphics you could create! Not only could you make graphic designs for crafters (yourself included), but for social media as well. How about a series of blog posts, and matching banner ads?

3. Blossom Heart Created by Putra Cetol Studio

We’re changing gears here for a moment, creatives. Blossom Heart is a lovely script style typeface with twelve, count them, twelve variations of connected heart alternates. It’s enough to make any designer or crafter jump for joy! You really have to click through the photos the designer provides to see all the beautiful example images, especially the one with all twelve variations. There’s something about Blossom Heart that just says romantic fonts to me. Perhaps it’s the calligraphic style or the elegance it conveys. How lovely would a logo be made with this script?

10 Heart Fonts for Your Valentine’s Day Craft Projects 3

Image Credit: Putra Cetol Studio

In fact, one of the photos on the previews shows a wedding photographer logo with a circular design. Why not make an entire branding package for yourself. That leads me down the rabbit hole to creating stickers or decals for your business. Of course, any wedding-themed project would be lovely designed using Blossom Heart. The options are endless with this one, creatives!

4. Romantic Hearts Created by Blankids

If you’ve been a crafter or graphic designer for awhile, you’ve probably run across a font or two from Blankids! Or you even have a few in your stash like I do. This designer has a wonderful style that is pretty easy to spot and can take your art to the next level with ease. I love the bold strokes and swashes that Romantic Heart has. The images or photos provided also give some wonderful project ideas and can help creatives better visualize the ways this script could be used. Of course, like most anything, the art or design options are pretty much endless. All we need is a little imagination and our projects, be they digital designs or physical crafts, just come to life!

10 Heart Fonts for Your Valentine’s Day Craft Projects 4

Image Credit: Blankids

If you need a little inspiration, I can help on that front. Make stunning card designs, create papers (digital or physical), or add Romantic Heart to your journals for a touch of whimsy and romance.

5. Autumn Love Created by Beck McCormick

Don’t let the title of this one fool you, crafters! It may say Autumn, but this lovely script is an ideal choice for Valentine’s Day or any romantic holiday. In fact, I’m going to say that Autumn Love is a romantic font, perfect for almost any art or design project! I love that the doodles that the font designer has provided are easily accesses just through a keystroke. Create cute heart connectors with ease and build on that romantic graphic design.

10 Heart Fonts for Your Valentine’s Day Craft Projects 5

Image Credit: Beck McCormick

Autumn Love is full of all the fun elements a graphic designer or crafter could ever want. You get a stunning script, with extras like doodles and has nice clean lines for cutting. That has to make you happy crafters! Whether you use Autumn Love duo for t-shirt designs, cardmaking, blog posts or whatever you like, the end results are sure to pack a punch!

6. Miss Arrow Created by BearyType

Thick bold strokes make Miss Arrow a script font that will add some sparkle to your projects. The characters almost seem to dance along the baseline, meaning your end result will have personality. As you can see by the main photo, Miss Arrow has glyphs with connecting hearts, plus beginning and ending alternates with arrows, making this a great choice for Valentine’s Day! Crafters looking for playful typefaces will want to mark this one down for their upcoming projects.

10 Heart Fonts for Your Valentine’s Day Craft Projects 6

Image Credit: BearyTpe

I’d love to see some t-shirt designs and tumblers using Miss Arrow. Pick your favorite color glitter, add some borders and a sweet quote graphic for your lettering and you’ve got something pretty spectacular! If you prefer papercrafts or cardmaking, the thick strokes in this script font will make your cuts much simpler and cleaner. There are so many possibilities with this one, that no matter what route you go you can’t go wrong!

7. Hey Lover Created by Letternun

Hey Lover packs a real punch, and makes this another must have heart font for your growing collection. Admit it, many of us crafters and designers are hoarders when it comes to designs and typefaces! I wonder if there’s a support group for that? Perhaps a future post about organizing and pairing fonts is in order. What say you creatives? Until then, we’ll keep on track with our list of gorgeous love fonts. If you take a minute to look at the photos and images the font designer has provided you can see just how sweet this script truly is. With doodles, swashes, glyphs and alternates, the art or design options are endless!

10 Heart Fonts for Your Valentine’s Day Craft Projects 7

Image Credit: Letternun

Hey Lover, with all its amazing extras, will set you up for designing just about anything. Cardmaking with these adorable doodles will be such fun, and you could easily create an entire series with just this one font! Not into papercrafts? That’s ok! How about creating some social media graphics or blog posts.

8. Valentine Font Bundle Created by Letterafa Studio

We’re moving back to bundles again with this one! The font designer for this Valentine font bundle has given us such a nice variety and some gorgeous work. I enjoy looking at the preview images and photos they provide, as it helps me to picture what type of projects these fonts would work best for! My favorites in this bundle are Berrylove, Love Bird, and Besthie. Which ones do you like crafters?

10 Heart Fonts for Your Valentine’s Day Craft Projects 8

Image Credit: Letterafa Studio

If you’re the type of graphic designer or creative that likes to have an assortment of fonts from one specific design, then bundles are the best way to go. Not only do you get consistent style, you usually get a great deal. With so many to pick from here, you can create so many different crafts or art projects. Put your Silhouette or Cricut to use and make stickers, journals, t-shirt designs, mugs, and decals. Whatever you choose, you’ll create something amazing I know!

9. Valentine's Day Font-Hand Lettered Words and Phrases Created by KA Designs

This font designer is known for her fun scripts and bouncy lettering style. So this Valentine’s Day bundle is sure to be popular, but also add some great variety to the mix. Now, this isn’t your standard font bundle to be sure, but the creative possibilities are still wide and varied! Created as an OTF file, you can install this just like any other font and use it in the same way, which makes the process easy. You’ll find 52 unique words and phrases with that beautiful handwritten feel, and can create quote graphics and add lettering to your projects in just a few simple clicks!

10 Heart Fonts for Your Valentine’s Day Craft Projects 9

Image Credit: KA Designs

What I love about this particular bundle are the extras that come with it! Do you sense a theme, my love for extras? With Valentine Font Bundle, the designer has included ready-to-print gift tags and Valentine’s Day cards, plus some digital paper patterns. With so much included, you can go wild with cardmaking! Some suggested uses are putting these quotes over your pictures, adding them to social media images, and I’ll add blog posts or banner ads to the list.

10. Samantha Created by HansCo

And just like that, we’ve reached number ten on our list. We’ll finish off with Samantha, a lovely calligraphy-style love font with hearts. For those creative types like crafters and graphic designers, this may just be a dream come true. There are 400 plus alternates included with Samantha. Now that, my creative friends, are a lot of glyphs and swashes! Make sure you browse through the images provided to see examples of all those alternates. What I think I love most about Samantha is that the swashes are available for both uppercase and lowercase characters, which sometimes can be hard to find.

10 Heart Fonts for Your Valentine’s Day Craft Projects 10

Image Credit: HansCo

This clean and modern script has a touch of elegance, which makes it the ideal typeface for any wedding craft or Valentine’s Day project. Whether you’re using your cutting machine and making decals, or creating graphics for Instagram you’ll fall in love with the ways you can use this font!

Wow, what a group of incredible fonts this is! Artistic projects for Valentine’s Day can be so enjoyable to create, and the right font can make that task easy. I’ve shown you some gorgeous single fonts, as well as a few stunning bundles, so now it’s up to you to get crafting or designing! If you decide to use one of them in a project, be sure to share images on social media and tag us or post them in our Facebook Group, Design Bundles Customer Community. Happy Crafting!

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