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10 of the Best Doodle Fonts

10 of the Best Doodle Fonts

Finding the right font for your project can be hard, but I’ve got a list of the 10 best doodle fonts that will get you started! The variety of font options might seem endless, and with so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to use. If you’re a crafter that enjoys creating your own designs or embellishing something you’ve purchased, you’re going to love this post.

What is a doodle font anyway? You may know them by their popular name, dingbats, and sometimes they’re even called wingdings. What a fun name that one is! This particular style of typeface is rather unique in that rather than letters or characters; you get an installable font with illustrations or drawings. That includes everything from simple shapes like arrows to full-on illustrations. Other fun options are flourish fonts, similar to ornaments (and no, not Christmas baubles!). Although, a flourish or ornament would be a lovely addition to those projects! Since these typefaces are installed on your computer, they come ready to use and cut with your Silhouette or Cricut. Let’s get started!

1. Doodle Font Created by Justina Tracy

We’re starting out with a bang, crafters! This awesome doodle font is a fantastic example of just what these typefaces are all about. The font designer, Justina Tracy, has a ton of these options available, but this one is a fan favorite. A great doodle, like this one, will offer a nice variety of different images and has that incredible hand-drawn appeal. I love that the designer provides a PDF character map with the download so that you can easily see the options available to you.

Doodle Font

Image Credit: Justina Tracy

2. Mr. Fix It Tool Font Created by Lakeside Cottage Arts

Have you been on the hunt for the perfect wingding font download that would work for your Father’s Day project? The font designer, Lakeside Cottage Arts, has turned their tool alphabet into an easy-to-use font, and thus Mr. Fix It was born. Not just for Dad’s day, this hand-drawn font was created with crafters like you in mind. That means minimal nodes for a smooth cutting experience. We can all appreciate that!

 Mr. Fix It Tool Font

Image Credit: Lakeside Cottage Arts

3. Lovingly Symbol Font Created by Happy Letters

How sweet is this heart flourish font featuring hearts! These lovely dingbats are a great option for jazzing up your design, whether you’re a card maker or a graphic designer. Hearts are incredibly versatile and make the perfect accompaniment to your projects ranging from Valentine’s Day to wedding-themed projects. Why not use a few of these lovely hearts to add some punch the next time you create graphics for your social media presence?

Lovingly Heart Symbol Font

Image Credit: Happy Letters

4. Sketch Font Created by Twiggy Smalls Crafts

This fabulous font is for the sublimation crafters and graphic designers out there! While not a traditional dingbat style, it certainly does have that fantastic sketch quality, making this a fantastic choice for doodle font lovers. Leave the letters plain for a minimalistic vibe, or use pattern or texture fills to create some punch. The designer has created this as a True Type format, meaning you can easily create your designs just by typing your text.

Sketchy Doodle Font

Image Credit: Twiggy Smalls Crafts

5. Farmhouse Doodles Created by KA Designs

If you’re a crafter or maker into the farmhouse style, then you will love this cute wingding font download created by the popular font designer KA. With a sweet hand-drawn style, there is a wonderful assortment of various doodles and illustrations that will take your creative projects over the top. This font is easy to use, offers both OTF and TTF formats, and includes 52 unique characters.

Farmhouse Doodle Font

Image Credit: KA Designs

6. Sign Language Font Created by DreamOnPrints

Most of the time, when you think about a dingbat or doodle, you imagine an illustration of some type. This awesome font takes things to a whole new level! Whether you simply want to create something unique or are designing products that incorporate diversity and inclusion, this is a fantastic option for your font collection. Use it for your craft projects, or add it to graphics on your blog or social media.

Sign Language Font

Image Credit: DreamOnPrints

7. Banner Font Created by Craft House SVG

Whether you’re new to the craft world or an old pro, you know you can never go wrong with a banner. It makes your text stand out and can fill in space with style. When you can add banners and buntings with just a stroke on your keyboard, that’s simply sublime! With both OTF and TTF formats and outline and solid versions, this is a must-have for every creative type.

Banner Font

Image Credit: Craft House SVG

8. Bullet Joodles Created by Kitaleigh

This one is for the planner addicts and journaling fans! You can never have enough fun shapes and frames, and this font makes sure of it. Outline your text, create emphasis, or highlight key elements with ease. Font designer Kitaleigh has a lovely hand-drawn style that can be felt in everything she does, and this fun doodle font is no exception.

Bullet Joodles Font

Image Credit: Kitaleigh

9. Christmas Symbols Font Created by Dansie Design

If ever there was a perfect holiday for dingbats, it’s Christmas! If you find your artistic abilities aren’t quite where you want them to be, then use a favorite doodle or illustration. This fun font has both solid and filled options, letting you mix and match them for a unique style.

Christmas Symbols Font

Image Credit: Dansie Designs

10. Lucky Sunshine Created by Illustration Ink

If you’re looking for a dingbat with whimsy and a variety of options, then you’ll love this one! With fun choices like a stylish unicorn, a rad roller skate, and others, you can have a blast with these doodles. Use one as a standalone image, or pair it with a font to really personalize your project.

Lucky Sunshine Dingbat Font

Image Credit: Illustration Ink

Doodle fonts truly are a fun option to add to your design portfolio! Whether you’re a font hoarder or just getting started, you’ll find that there’s probably a flourish font, wingding, or dingbat out there that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Do you have a favorite wingding font download you’re just itching to use?

We’d love to see what you create, so if you have a design or craft project be sure to share it in our Facebook Group, Design Bundles Customer Community. Happy Crafting!

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