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5 Common Mistakes of Digital Designers

5 Common Mistakes of Digital Designers

Selling your designs online is an awesome way to get exposure for your business and generate extra income. However, it takes some work to ensure that your designs appeal to consumers and that you do your selling and marketing right.

Here are some common mistakes that digital designers make - avoid them, and you may just see your sales start rolling in.

common design mistakes

Appealing to a Narrow Audience

Of course, finding your design niche is good. (For example, do you make outer space themed designs, or beautiful wedding invitations?) However, you want your digital design assets to appeal to as wide an audience as possible to encourage sales.

Consider including support for multiple languages, software types, and more to ensure that your design can be used by many people.

Pricing Too Low

You may try to beat out your competitors by selling your design assets at a price that is lower than theirs. However, by setting your prices too low, you're cheating yourself out of hard-earned, deserved income.

In addition to resulting in low income for you, customers can be wary of low prices, as they can seem to indicate something about the quality of your designs.

Pricing Too High

Digital designers don't just price their designs too low; they often price them too high. It's tempting to want to make hundreds of dollars off of one sale (and that is possible in the digital design world). However, when selling on an online marketplace, consumers are looking for pre-made design assets they can afford and easily use.

One of the best ways to ensure you're not over or under charging is to look at what your competitors are pricing, then choose a similar price (a little higher or a little lower). This will make certain that you're fairly paid and that your designs actually sell.

Forgetting to Market

Creating awesome, standout designs will help ensure that they are purchased. However, if no one knows that you're even creating digital designs, you probably won't make many sales. So, make sure you undertake your own marketing plan to get word out about the designs you're selling.

Some of the most important places to promote your online design goods are your social media profiles, like Instagram and Facebook. You may also want to create a Pinterest board featuring your designs, as well as set up a personal website with a portfolio of designs that you can share with people.

Design Bundles.net have Design Bundles every month, which can also help promote your designs and get your design shop exposure.

Reappropriating Other People's Designs

There's a good chance you'll see other people's designs on a digital design marketplace - and that you'll like them. However, just because you see a design you like, it doesn't mean that you should recreate that design yourself. Instead, let people's designs inspire your creativity, rather than guide it.

Reappropriating other designer's creations takes away from their potential customer pool, and it may even be copyright infringement.

If you're planning to sell your digital design assets online, check out Design Bundles.net. You can sell a wide range of creations, from handmade illustrations to photos to typefaces.

By doing the proper legwork to ensure you're designing and selling correctly, you can ensure that you'll find success offering your goods in an online marketplace.

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