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5 Helpful Tips for Creating Digital Designs that Sell

5 Helpful Tips for Creating Digital Designs that Sell

Creating your own digital design assets is a great way to earn income and exposure for yourself as a graphic designer. There are many marketplaces online that allow designers to promote and sell their goods - and consumers to find and purchase them.

When you put your design assets on a store in a large online marketplace, you'll want to ensure that they stand out from competitors, and that they entice people to buy. Here are five ways to ensure that the designs you create actually sell when you put them online.

Pay Attention to What's Selling

One of the best ways to ensure that your designs sell is to make them either about subjects that are popular or that fit into a current aesthetic trend. To figure out what people are currently buying, check out the DesignBundles.net homepage.

Our featured products can give you insight into what people are looking for right now, so you can create products that are similar and relevant.

Create a Great Screenshot

A screenshot is used as the cover image for a design asset or bundle that is for sale. It is the first thing that people see when they're browsing for what to buy, so you want to make sure it looks good. Focus on creating a great screenshot when you put together your bundle.

You want to impress people with your capability off the bat, and you also want to give them an idea about what's inside.

A great example of a screenshot is the image used by Knicknacks for the Summer Bliss Watercolor Pack.

Actually Market

It's nice to think that your design assets are so outstanding that they'll sell themselves, but in reality, you'll probably have to promote what you've made in order to get people to buy. Use your own website to market your products, as well as your social media pages and professional networking sites.

Marketing your designs will get them in front of the right eyes, and it will help get you more exposure as a digital designer.

Make Sure the Price is Right

Nobody wants to buy designs that are too expensive, but designs that are too cheap might look suspect. Do some market research and figure out what other designers are charging for assets like yours.

You can price your designs similarly - or for a little less, enticing people to buy. When creating your designs, make sure you keep the price in mind so you can factor in how much time and energy you should devote to creating them.

Be Unique

If you are great at hand lettering (or a specific design skill) and see a design or design bundle that inspires you (e.g. The Card & Invite Mockup Bundle), don't just create a similar product because you can. Instead, think about how your skills will allow you to make a product that has your own unique twist (a different style lettering, more colors, etc.), then make something unique.

You'll convince more people to buy if they don't see any products that are similar to yours.

If you are looking for design inspiration, check out all of the design bundles on DesignBundles.net. We have a huge selection of bundled designs that may inspire your next digital design creation.

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