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7 Creative Instagram Accounts Everyone Should Follow

Posted on 13th August 2016

Instagram is made for artists to shine, giving them the opportunity for their works to go viral and reach a much wider audience. Its focus on photography, and now video, makes it the perfect medium to display art, design and digital products across all disciplines. Below, we've curated a list of the best creative Instagram accounts all designers should follow.

1. Mike Perry | @mikeperrystudio

Mike Perry Studio
Mike Perry is a Brooklyn-based artist and entrepreneur. He creates paintings, monographs, silkscreens, drawings and more. He describes his creative purpose as conjuring "...that feeling of soul-soaring wonder you have when you stare into distant galaxies..."

His Instagram is a mixture of psychedelic imagery and loud, bright colors. Perry's Instagram highlights all the various mediums he dabbles in, and you may recognize his work from the title card of the Comedy Central show, Broad City.

2. Leta Sobierajski | @letasobierajski

Leta Sobierajski

Leta Sobierajaski is a New York City-based art director and graphic designer. In 2014, Sobierajaski used her Instagram to start the Complements Project with her partner and fellow designer Wade Jeffree. They described the project as "a reinterpretation of those hilariously cringeworthy couple portraits that circulate the internet — a way to reveal the humor and romance behind their relationship." They have since completed the project and turned it into a book of the same name. Sobierajaski's Instagram continues to be filled with irreverent, colorful portraits that amaze and inspire.

3. James White | @signalnoise

signal noise

James White is a Canadian designer and sole proprietor of the design studio Signal Noise. He describes himself as a "Visual synthwave artist?" and boasts an online t-shirt shop that carries his designs. His Instagram bio says he's "Made in the 80s," and browsing his profile is like being thrown into a time machine where Miami Vice is the hottest show on TV and Arnold Schwarzenegger is letting us know he'll be back, the first time. White's illustrations are mesmerizing for their uses of color, detail, and his use of light and shadows.

4. Pattie Paige | @bakedideas

baked ideas

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, but baking is an art, and self-described "royal (icing) queen" Patty Paige is the artist of the moment. She is the author of "Don't Judge A Book By Its Cutter." And her cookie cutters, sold on her site, are truly works of art.

Her Instagram is filled with tasty confections that look more like photos than food you can eat. Her use of space and color is something all artists can learn from and appreciate. Browsing Paige's Instagram, it's easy to forget you're looking at cookies and not just amazingly cool photographs.

5. Luke Choice | @velvetspectrum

velvet spectrum

Luke Choice is an Australian-born designer currently living in New York City. He works in a variety of mediums, including typography and illustration. His impressive client list includes Adidas, Universal Music and American Express.

His Instagram is an excellent mix of illustration, 3D animation and typography. The colors are bright and fun, and the design aesthetic is whimsical and playful. Browsing his Instagram is a little like going down the rabbit hole and being unsure of where you landed, only that it's colorful and fun.

6. Steven Harrington | @s_harrington


Steve Harrington is a Los Angeles-based artist and designer. His work is described as having "...a timeless quality ... which is inspired by California’s mystique, vastly diverse landscape, and thriving mix of cultures."

Harrington's Instagram showcases his products, paintings and illustrations that fully embrace his "contemporary Californian psychedelic-pop aesthetic." His work is fun and trippy, and a definite conversation starter.

7. Ornamental Conifer | @ornamentalconifer

ornamental conifer

Ornamental Conifer is the work of British artist Nicolai Sclater. Conifer's work, "focuses on humor, wordplay, mischief and often-controversial yet motivational messages." Sclater paints cars, skateboards, motorcycles and a myriad of other objects with his fun and inspirational messages. His medium of choice is typography and patterns, and his Instagram is filled with photos of his work showcasing his love of fonts and mastery of his craft.

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