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7 Simple and Easy Craft Projects For Beginners

7 Simple and Easy Craft Projects For Beginners

Crafting can be intimidating, especially if you're a beginner. Tons of enticing projects are ready and waiting for you, yet the pressure to accomplish and finish those tasks successfully can be daunting. You may not be confident with your current skills, and you might feel the need to sharpen your skills before taking on complicated DIY projects.

7 Simple and Easy Craft Projects For Beginners

But there's no need to worry.

Even the most experienced crafters - those who now sell their artwork in craft shows, have thriving crafting businesses and have gained a large base of clients - all started from scratch as newbie crafters just like you.

If you have the passion to create and the determination to finish a task, you can find success with a few simple craft projects.

Hone your skills and keep working on your creativity with every project, and one day, you might just find yourself setting up your own dream stall in a craft show or a thriving online business as a professional crafter.

1. Pretty and Sweet Chocolate Bowls

Are you a chocoholic or do you have a sweet tooth? This project will be a fun activity because it involves making a bowl out of delicious, decadent chocolate.

This is great if you're hosting a party or an intimate dinner among family and friends where a star centerpiece is essential to impress your guests.

2. Glass Picture Magnets

If you're fond of glass marbles, you can create little tokens as giveaways. Simply place your desired images at the bottom of the glass, and do some simple tricks to make them functional as fridge magnets. This project won't break the bank, either. You can get these glass marbles from any dollar store.

3. Easy Knitting Pieces

Are you comfortable crafting functional pieces made of yarn? You can start a knitting project using the simplest designs, anything from mittens to scarves to cute beanies, and even cute little cup holders. Maybe later, you can venture into creating simple pullovers for the little ones and beautiful sweaters for your friends and family.

4. Personalized Painted Umbrellas

Your sun and rain protection need not be drab. You can brighten and personalize your good old umbrella with the use of fabric paint and an ounce of creativity. Craft as many fun umbrellas as you want for your home and car, or design some as gifts for your loved ones.

5. No-Sew Pillow Cases

Do you want to make a pillow case but are afraid of all the sewing involved? This project is for you. You will need some lovely fabric, a few throw pillows and your dependable hemming kit. These charming pieces can easily spice up a room by adding a touch of cozy, old-fashioned appeal.

6. Simple Square Totes

The nice thing about being a crafter is having the ability to create useful pieces for everyday living. One of these handy items is the ever-reliable tote. Everyone needs a tote, not just for traveling but to store precious belongings and supplies.

You can create your own fabric tote with this easy-to-make DIY project. Don't worry that it may look intimidating at first. As you learn the steps on how to put the tote together, you'll discover how much of a worthy undertaking it can be.

7. The Country Staple Mason Jars

Mason jars have found their way into many restaurants and commercial establishments as quaint beverage holders. Perhaps it's because their old-fashioned, aesthetic appeal makes our dining experience even more delectably satisfying.

Yet other uses for mason jars, everything from canning to decorative flower and candle holders, to cookie and candy jars, can offer up unique gift tokens during weddings and other special events.

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