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Creating Groovy Designs With Hippie Fonts

What's Trending: Creating Groovy Designs With Hippie Fonts

It’s time for the font version of my what’s trending post, featuring trippy fonts and, of course, hippie fonts! If you’ve spent time on Pinterest or in all the crafting Facebook Groups, you’ve probably noticed an influx of retro graphics and designs. Much like fashion and home decor, the trends seem to have a circular pattern. What was once hot and fashionable from years past is now on trend again! For those of us in the art or craft world, that means we’re seeing retro-style designs rising to the top.

Retro is a rather broad term for a variety of different styles, including typefaces and fonts. Since the expression is wide-ranging, a few specific styles fall under that umbrella, like disco or psychedelic font. Much like the retro designs we previously looked at in another post, the fonts and typefaces in this style have such a fun flair and can be used to design some gorgeous graphics! If you’re a crafter or maker, I’ve got lots of fun ideas on how to use these awesome fonts! Are you ready to get groovy with me creatives? Let’s dig in!

1. Wished Created by KA Designs

If you’ve been browsing for some delightful retro style fonts, then you’ve like run across the options that this fantastic designer has in her store. She certainly knows her trends and how to create a fantastic typeface! I have this particular serif style in my collection (among many others!) and love using it for designing anything with a vintage vibe. Wished has a few alternate options included, making it easy to add that extra style and panache to your work. Wished Font Created by KA Designs

Image Credit: KA Designs

One of my favorite things about Wished is that it works fabulously on its own or when combined with another style. A fan favorite for these trippy fonts has always been t-shirt designs. You can make some pretty incredible graphic tees when working with lettering like this! Not into working with fabric or apparel? How about making some images or graphics for social media? Whatever you create or make will be gorgeous and a work of art!

2. Groovy Retro Font Created by HP Typework

Typically when you think of a script, you picture a flowing or romantic typeface. Not so with Groovy Retro Front! The designer has really outdone themselves with this one. Not only is this one fabulous hippie font, but the extras included will blow your mind! With multiple ending swashes that would fit a large variety of design styles, plus a ready-to-use extrude option, you can make almost anything with this retro script. Crafters and makers love it when they can find a typeface that not only offers a variety of alternates and glyphs but helps save time too!

The Groovy Script Font Created by HPT Typework

Image Credit: HP Typework

If you haven’t worked with a font like this that includes the extrude style, then you’re going to love what you find! Instead of creating an offset yourself, removing the extra bits and pieces, and fighting to line everything up, you simply duplicate your text and choose the extrude. Just like that, you’ve got an outline! Small touches like this make this a dream for graphic designers and crafters.

3. Bright Created by Dharmas Studios

Calling all fans of alternates and glyphs! Creatives, this one is for you! I love working with Bright and find it such a pleasure to see the effect of using one of the alternates! And let me tell you, Bright has all those groovy alternates for both upper case and lower case, plus ligatures. It makes it so simple to change up your design or lettering when you can pick from a few alternates. It’s almost as if you’re working with a completely different typeface sometimes! I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again now; I love when the designer provides a lot of example images and photos! It provides me with such inspiration and gives me ideas I might not have otherwise considered. Do you feel the same way, creatives?

Bright Font Created by Charmas Studios

Image Credit: Dharmas Studio

One thing to look for when shopping for new fonts or typefaces is whether or not the designer has provided PUA encoded characters. Working with a font that has this feature makes your job as a designer or crafter that much simpler! This means time saved, and we could all use more of that, don’t you think? All the alternates and ligatures are fully accessible without the need for any additional software. I’d call that a win-win!

4. Midway Retro Script Font Created by Ardana Creative

Another psychedelic font with a great script style joins the list! Midway Script is similar to another retro-style font we’ve already looked at but has its own awesome style. I love that the font designer provides a video walking through the steps on how to use the open-type features. What a bonus! Extras like this come in handy for crafters or designers that aren’t as familiar with how these features and options work. All those bonus features aside; this is one fabulous font for any retro art or graphics you’re looking to design!

Midway Script Font Created by Ardana Creative

Image Credit: Ardana Creative

If you’ve been looking for a script style with a retro flair that includes alternate endings, ligatures, and more, then take a look at Midway Script! One thing that caught my eye was the separate swash options. Such a cool feature that really allows you to customize the look and feel of your work! This one seems perfect for retro poster art, t-shirt designs, and even glittery tumblers. What do you think, creatives?

5. Aprila Font Family Created by Studio Sun

Aprila Font Family is exactly what it says it is; a family of fantastic fonts with fabulous retro style. Say that five times fast! All joking aside, I love the vibe you get when looking at Aprila. Since we’ve got another font designer who provides all those great example images, you can easily get a feel for how this style would work with your project. Plus, you can test out your text right there on the page and see how it will look. When this feature is available, it’s like the icing on the cake; the font cake that is!

The Aprila Font Created by Studio Sun

Image Credit: Studio Sun

While this particular font may not have as many alternates or swashes as others, the ones it does have or just plain fun! Those bubbly tails make me picture sunshine, rainbows, and all the groovy elements that the 60s and 70s are known for. Plus, with different weights like bold or italic, you can change up the look of your design with ease!

6. Good Vibes Created by KA Designs

She’s back at it again, creatives! KA Designs actually has quite a few awesome trippy fonts to choose from. If you find yourself falling in love with one, you might want to check out her shop page and see what other options she has! Good Vibes is definitely a retro-style font, but it has this awesome chunky appearance that makes this one more unique than some others. I love how tall Good Vibes is. As an all-caps font, the options are somewhat limited to what you can do to customize your design, but a little creative inspiration will solve that in no time!

Good Vibes Font Created by KA Designs

Image Credit: KA Designs

Tall fonts like this one are a wonderful choice when you want to fill up some vertical space. This works especially well when creating products like stickers or t-shirt designs! The width of the characters in Good Vibes is also quite full, which means your text or lettering will really fill out the entire space nicely. If you want to add some extra retro elements like smiley faces, rainbows, or peace signs, you can easily do that too!

7. Vintage King Retro Groovy Font Created by PutraCetol Studio

Vintage King is one groovy font, man! Similar in many ways to one of our previous script styles, but with the added bonus of a rough version, this font packs a real punch. If you’re a crafter or designer that likes the distressed look but wants to achieve that without the added work of creating it yourself, then this is the font for you! To get an idea of what I mean, have a browse through the images the designer provides. You’ll get a feel for the amazing possibilities Vintage King offers.

Vintage King Font Created by PutraCetol Studio

Image Credit: PutraCetol Studio

Of course, if the idea of weeding away excess vinyl with a distressed design makes you cringe, there’s a clean version included as well! This one gets me excited and makes me want to create an entire series of t-shirts or poster art. I love when the right typeface and color scheme come together, and the end result just leaves you craving more. That’s when design is done right!

8. Awesome Groovy Font Created by Barcelona Design Shop

Don’t let the simplicity of this one fool you, creatives! While Awesome might appear to be straightforward, it is one awesome hippie font. The gentle curves and chunky appearance give this all the retro vibes and ensure your lettering stands out. Chunky fonts like this one work amazingly well for sticker designs since you can create such amazing outlines that follow the path of the text. The same goes for t-shirts that you want to add a background layer to!

Awesome Font Created by Barcelona Design Shop

Image Credit: Barcelona Design Shop

Awesome is just one of many retro style fonts that I have added to my ever-growing collection as of late. It’s one of my go-to fonts when I’m creating retro designs or want to add that groovy vibe to something! I could see using this groovy typeface for all sorts of apparel, for both adults and children. Or even accessories! How would you use Awesome font?

9. Hippie Chick Retro Serif Font Created by Blush Font Co

Hippie Chick is another one of those fabulous trippy fonts that just screams retro! Every so often, you run across one of those fonts that seem to work for almost any theme or genre, and this one fits that category. While you’ll definitely still end up with a vintage vibe, you can just as easily use Hippie Chick for a groovy tumbler as you can a Christmas wood sign! Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the photos the font designer provides and see how awesome it is for yourself!

Hippie Chick Font Created by Blush Font Co

Image Credit: Blush Font Co

With this retro style font, you get two different versions, letting you customize your design or project to suit your needs. You might consider one a “clean” version, and the other has a small cut-out element, giving it a slightly 3D effect. To me, that just adds that extra level of fun when creating your graphic designs! I haven’t added this one to my collection yet, but it’s definitely on the list.

10. Far Out- A Groovy Retro Word Art Font Created by Justina Tracy

Now, this particular font might be considered a doodle or dingbat, but I say it’s just simply awesome! Far Out is aptly named because the groovy vibe hits all the marks and provides a great retro or vintage feel. Working with this font will leave you feeling like you’re working with illustrations and font all combined into one. For any design or project using Far Out, I would suggest combining it with other simple fonts so that this one can be the main attraction. A thin sans serif or monoline script would be perfect!

Far Out Font Created by Justina Tracy

Image Credit: Justina Tracy

I love that the font designer used repeating elements when combining her doodles to create this font. You can see in the main image how the guitar is used for the A, the R, and the U, and likely other characters as well. Consistency across the characters gives this a standout quality! This groovy typeface would be great for social media graphics, t-shirt designs, and much more.

There are so many awesome hippie fonts, retro style fonts, and trippy fonts out there these days that you can be sure to find one that suits your needs and your style! No matter how you craft or design, the retro trend is here and likely will be for some time. If you’ve been wondering what the next big trend is…you’ve found it! There are tons of awesome ways to use these fonts and projects galore, so now it’s time to get crafting or designing.

If you decide to use one of them in a project, be sure to share images on social media and tag us or post them in our Facebook Group, Design Bundles Customer Community. Happy Crafting!

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