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Different ways of managing fonts

Different ways of managing fonts

One of the things I find with fonts is that I have a lot! and I mean a lot! I find it hard sometimes to remember which ones I have, where I purchased them from and what bundle they came from.

For a person who uses fonts on a regular basis in their work/projects, you need to remember what font you use, where it came from and what licence you have with the font.

Today I will show you several different ways I have found helpful in keeping track of my fonts.

1- Printing the font direct from the file.

One of the quickest ways is to go direct to the source. With every font you download you can see the font when you install it. When you double click on your font file, a pop up box appears, you then click the "Install" icon to add the font to your library. But on the left of the icon is the "print" option. Click on this and you can Print a full page of the font for your records. If you want to look at the characters on a particular font only, this is a great quick way to access one font without installing any other programs.

2- Via the CONTROL PANEL on your PC.

This is pretty much the same method as above, tho if you cant remember where you put your font file, this is a easier way to find it. Personally all my font files are kept in a "font" folder and then kept by bundle or company I purchased from, but if you get a rogue font or one that you downloaded and forgot to file, as long as you know the name of the font you will be able to find it.

Simply go to your START menu, then select control panel. the above screen will open. Click on Appearance and Personalization, then Fonts.

This will bring up a list of all fonts installed in your PC. From here you can delete, Preview and print each font. To print just click on preview and the install/print screen will appear. Then you can select the font to print.

3- Nexusfont.

Nexusfont is a font manager you can download for free HERE.

It is very simple to use. Download and install the program. When you open it for the first time, Nexusfont will search your PC and load up all the fonts installed. You can then scroll through your fonts, or you can use the search icon to look for a specific font.

Another great feature is you can type your own text and see what it will look like in all of your fonts. This is great and can save a ton of time when deciding what font will look better for a project.

To print your font, all you need to do is select the fonts to be printed on the left of the text then click on the print icon in the top left corner, This will open up a print screen where you can select the printer, change the size of the font and colour.

I used this program to print all the fonts I get in the bundles I purchase. I select all the fonts in a bundle, then print them out is a smallish size. This way I have a quick hard copy reference of what font came from what bundle when I create projects.

4- Fontbase.

Fontbase is also a font manager program. This can only be used on PCs with Windows 7 and higher.

I like the streamlined look of this program and the simplicity of changing the size of the font etc, but you cannot print your fonts with this program. I tend to use this font manager when I want to see a specific font quickly and clearly. You can find Fontbase HERE.



Other methods for printing your fonts are a little more tedious, but can be done. You can use programs like word, silhouette and Cricut design space to type out each font individually, but that can be very time consuming.

Personally I use a combo of both font managers. I like to print off each bundle I get and keep it as a quick hard copy record for me to remember where I brought it from and what was in the bundle, so when i write I can reference the bundle to purchase. But when using a program like Silhouette to cut projects, I do like to use the Fontbase program as I find it easier to see the fonts.

I'm sure there are many other font programs out there, but these are just a few ideas to get you started.

Until next time......


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