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Everything you need to know about $1 deals

Posted on 16th April 2019

Did you know that approximately every 3 weeks Font Bundles / Design Bundles have a $1 sales event?

It's essentially a flash sale of 21 various products sold for a $1 each until the limited quantity sells out. The events usually have around 1500 general sale copies available.  They alternate between fonts and designs each sales event.

Font Bundles $1 Font Event

Design Bundles $1 Design Event

For the best chance of snagging one of the $1 Deals, we suggest bookmarking the pages and adding each new event to your calendar. You can also join the Facebook Event from the $1 deals page, which gives an extra notification.

There's even a special facebook group you can join to be reminded about any special deals/events/discounts going on.  Each event is announced in the group, allowing you to stay up to date.

To participate in the event and for the best chance of snagging a bargain you should do a few things:

  1. Register or Login to your account

  2. Top off your store credits to quickly check out (not compulsory but you can save an additional 10%)

  3. Arrive at the start of the event for the best chance of grabbing a copy of the deals.

You don't want to be one of the sad people who missed out on this amazing event, do you?  BUT if you do somehow miss the event, they do have unlimited copies for Plus Members for 24 hours- you can find out more here.

If you do miss both opportunities, there are always deals and discounts available on the marketplace. Be sure to check out the deals and bundles sections for the biggest discounts.


Everything you need to know about the $1 deals event by designbundles and


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