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Get Creative with Design Tips and Tricks

Get Creative with Design Tips and Tricks

Get creative as you begin your next design project by using some of the newest trends in visual arts and graphic design. Whether you are working with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator or another design platform, you can easily translate some of these design elements into your own work.

Get Creative with Design Tips and Tricks

8 Design Tips and Tricks to Help You Get Creative

Take a look at what's on trend, and decide what works best for the project you want to create. No matter what you have in mind, you're bound to find some on-trend styles that work for your specific creation.

In general, this year has been marked with louder and brighter designs, whether that means vivid color choices or bold new fonts. Designers have taken a step away from the simpler designs of the past, and they have started creating designs that stand out, with plenty going on inside the frame.

1. Be Bright and Bold

Draw more people into your designs with bright colors that really jump off the page. Whether designing for print or the web, choose from color palettes that go beyond the standard color offerings and stand out as bold selections.

As you select colors and decide what tint and opacity to use in the finished product, consider how the colors work together to create a cohesive theme.

2. Drop the Minimalist Style

Trends in design were quiet for a while, with many designers turning to understated and muted tones in their creations. But the minimalist movement has turned the corner, and graphics that make a statement are on trend.

Now, you can leave the simplicity and white space behind -- and get back to adorning your creations with alluring shapes and images. The more, the better.

3. Get Inspired With Topography

Font choices are growing every year, with expensive expansion packs offered in many different mediums. The good news is there are more text styles and features to choose from than ever before. Many of them are web-friendly too.

Put some inspiration into your font choices, and select the right font style to match your designs. With a little research, you can find great bundles that will save you money and time by grouping new fonts together for a completely compatible look.

4. Use Graphics and Icons

Today's world is a visual one. As the times continue to change, more people are turning to appealing visuals when deciding which content to engage with. People are not only looking for clear, authentic photos, they are also attracted to neatly rendered graphics, icons and other visual accents that have a single idea to convey.

By using simple icons in your design, you can draw people in and make a statement at the same time.

5. Give It Texture

With so many visuals circulating, it is becoming a challenge to make any design stand out from the crowd. That's where texture comes in. Give some of your design elements a great texture in order to add sophistication to your design while still appealing to those who enjoy a bold, new style.

You can go beyond opacity levels and gradients to use patterns and background styles in your work, creating a visual aesthetic that is uniquely yours.

6. Accent With Seasonal Intrigue

Keep your designs fresh by tying them into the seasons or adding accents that allude to the spirit of your work. You can find great images and accents for summer, fall, winter or spring. If you're creating something with a theme, consider adding accents that speak to that topic or subject.

If it's a nature theme, you could do more with the corners by adding pine cones or clusters of berries, for example. Or for a restaurant dining theme, you could include coffee beans and distinctive herbs around the edges of the design.

7. Play With Looping and GIFs

If you're putting together a digital design, there are more ways to be playful in the creating the finished product than ever before. You can find animations, short, looping videos and GIFs to expand upon nearly any idea or concept.

If you really want to be on trend, consider incorporating some of these animations into your work. You're guaranteed to get a reaction out of the final result, and you may even have a little fun in the process.

8. Create a Surprising Contrast

When done right, contrast can be a boon for designers. Use contrasting colors, lines or textures to make certain aspects of your design stand out. You can make different panels complement one another by letting one side of the design do all the heavy lifting and filling the other side of the design with light textures and movement.

No matter how you decide to pull the look together, the contrast will work overtime to make the central element of your creation pop.

Whether you use all of these tips of just a few of them, you'll be on your way to creating something special. Sprinkle in some great inspiration from social media, special touches from your own design aesthetic, and a few personalized finishing touches, and you'll have a unique finished product.

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