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Get Your Free Fonts Today

Get Your Free Fonts Today

Download your FREE Fonts today from Font Bundles!

Free fonts anyone? There is no way you can turn that offer down. Especially when you see the huge collection of FREE fonts available from Font Bundles. If your font library is looking a little tired and bland, it’s time to bring it back to life. Bonus, you get Commercial Use License and Unlimited downloads. What more could you want?

How to Navigate Font Bundles Free Designs

Hop on over to the Font Bundles homepage where you will see the page links near the top. Here you can toggle between the Design Bundles and Font Bundles homepage. After you have signed in, click on the FREE Fonts page to access your FREE goodies.

Get Free Fonts from Font Bundles

The categories on the left side make searching super easy. Using the Search Bar at the top, input a keyword to narrow down your search. I love taking my time browsing through the massive amount of fonts!

Don’t forget, certain FREE fonts have a time limit. So be sure not to miss out! Download today!

Free Font categories on Design Bundles

Fonts essentially bring attention to a product, set the tone of content and help to promote for business or personal projects. The type of font you use can determine how easy your content is to read.

For personal crafts, customize using one or multiple font types for a unique result. If you're a Cricut user then be sure to check out the selection of Free Fonts for Cricut available.

Let’s take a look at some of the fun and trendy fonts you can get from Font Bundles.

1. Timberly Sweet Typeface Font

Sweet and whimsical, Timberly has a flowing script feel that goes very well with Winter themed projects. This is the kind of font I want to add to my cupcakes at parties. You know those popular cake toppers? I would definitely make mini versions that say “Eat me”. How cute would that be?

Get Your Free Fonts From Font Bundles 8

Timberly is a bold font that allows for easy cutting and weeding. It would look great on projects such as cards, cake toppers, shirts and more.

2. Spider Web Split Font

Who thought monogram fonts could look so spooky or cool? I love spiders, yes I do! That’s why this font is a favorite of mine. It has the Halloween vibe but can be used all year around. Spoil an insect enthusiast with their name wrapped up in cobwebs.

Free Spider Web Split Font

Imagine creating a window decal with this monogram font? It would make a few Spidey fans feel right at home.

3. Buserd - A Graffiti Brush Font

Buserd is a graffiti brush font with a grungy, bold and slightly loud character. I’m obsessed with the idea of leveling up the cool factor on an unbelievable t-shirt. Throwing a party at your venue and want to invite everyone? Grab their attention with this eye-catching font.

Free Font Buserd Graffiti Brush

Make your designs pop on logos, posters, flyers or apparel like hats. This is the font that makes a statement!

4. Magic Love - Wedding Font

Have you heard about font glyphs? These are extra symbols or shapes included with fonts that you can add to your text. Add a bit of romance with the included Magic Love heart glyphs. Now, while this may be considered a wedding font, you can use this for Valentine’s and other occasions.

Free Magic Love Wedding Font

Are you new to using FREE font glyphs and don’t know where to start? Design School has put together tutorials on how to use glyphs on a PC and accessing glyphs on a Mac.

5. Cremona - Minimal Sans Serif

Fancy fonts are a great addition to any library but sometimes all you need is a simple but bold Sans Serif font. Minimal and clean, Cremona would pair perfectly with logos, business cards or formal invites. Emails, branding, and websites will be clearly visible, easy to read and stand out more.

Free Sans Serif Cremona Font

A modern sans serif font is a must have for any font library. While there are many interesting fonts, a sans serif font is the way to go for most online content.

6. Falose - Modern Typeface Font

Falose is a modern typeface font with a calligraphic style. A nice fat font that is easy to weed with a character that’s sweet, bouncy and fun. Like ice-cream dripping on the sidewalk in Summertime. But don’t let it fool you. Falose is flamboyant enough to make you stand back and go “WOW”.

Free Font Falose Modern Typeface

From bold and fiery to a flowing script, you are sure to find exceptional fonts in the FREE Fonts section.

Once you have filled your cart with happiness, we have more FREEBIES for you. Bounce on over to the FREE Designs page on Design Bundles for more awesome creative products.

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