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The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Own Halloween Party Decorations

The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Own Halloween Party Decorations

To throw a Halloween party, you will need significant amount of food, drink, music, invitations, but possibly most importantly, Halloween party decorations!

It's ALL about the decorations, right?

Incase you were not aware, Halloween is usually held around the night of 31st October.

It's mostly celebrated by children wearing [mildly] horrifying masks and costumes, and knocking on neighbor's doors asking for a trick or treat.

Halloween is also THE ULTIMATE excuse to throw a party where you have free rein to go as crazy as you like, creating the most spectacular event on your friend's and family's calendar.

That said, parties need planning.

It's not always easy to bring together a party that requires invites, guest lists, food prep, drinks lists and decorations.

That's why we've written this guide - so make sure you pin, share or save this guide for reference.

Step 1: Gather Your Guests With Eye-Catching Invites

With people being so busy these days, a formal invite is a must!

Without further ado, let's get Halloween party planning by starting with some invite ideas:

Printed Invitations

This simple and effective pumpkin-shaped invitation design is perfect for setting the expectation of a scary good time!

Pumpkin Halloween Party Invitation

The silhouette of the witch, the dripping blood, and the haunted house in the background of this invite design all create anticipation for a blood-curdling experience.

Halloween Invitation design

This is a great set of Halloween party invitation designs, and we especially love the detail of the severed zombie finger!

Halloween Party Poster and Invite

Below is the perfect design for mysterious Halloween hosts, who have been collecting weird and wonderful ingredients to serve their guests.

Halloween party night flyer

Perfectly simple, this Halloween invitation design is a great match for an after school kids party with some supervised spooking.

Kids Halloween Invites

Digital Invitations

Not got enough time to print and send a paper Halloween party invite?

Then digital invites are for you.

This is a perfect design for using facebook events to advertise your party amongst your friends, and it's just about mysterious enough to spark intreague as to what is to come.

Digital Halloween Party Invite Design

These Facebook group / event / page headers are immediately available for you to utilize in your party planning.

Halloween Horror Facebook Cover Invite

Here is another example.

Halloween party night facebook cover

It's important that your design format is clear and the details are legible, and this design is just the ticket for smart devices.

iPad Halloween invite by Relineo

With the vast cobweb, the crow on the broken fence and the sunset in the background, the Halloween invitation design below is spot on for outdoor parties.

Will you be partying 'til sunrise or sunset, that's the question.

Halloween iphone invite mockup

Step 2: Decide How To Present Your Food

Halloween Cakes Using Design Bundles Graphics

Image copyright Designbundles.net

These Halloween cake sticks were created using SVGs by Paperly Studio.

Invites sorted; perhaps now you're wondering how to cater for your guests? Because food and drink make a party, right?

If your aim is a bustling Halloween party, full of guests dressed up as mummies, zombies, ghosts and witches, then food that people can pick up and pick at is a must.

We've gathered our favorite resources to help you along the way:

Treat Boxes

Fill these easy to make pumpkin-shaped boxes with sweets and treats.

They're very easy to construct, and they look brilliant stacked up and in a rainbow of colors.

Pumpkin Treat Boxes

Hanging Bat Boxes

These hanging bat boxes can be constructed in minutes, and can be filled with dry snacks such as wrapped sweets, popcorn and crisps.

Hanging Bat Boxes

Monster Graphics

These Halloween graphics are brilliant for kid's parties and games, and are perfect for labelling cups, bottles and belongings.

Halloween Graphics

Skull Boxes

Just like the pumpkin and bat boxes above, these skull shaped papercraft boxes are brilliant for serving snacks.

They can also be given out to your guests with little surprises in at the end of the party.

Skull Treat Boxes

Halloween Pillow Boxes

These pillow boxes are embellished with Halloween shapes, and are just the ticket for giving to your guests at the end of the party. You can easily add edible treats, snacks or tiny gifts.

Halloween Pillow Boxes

Step 3: Choose Your Ideal Halloween Party Theme

Copyright Designbundles.net

Now you've thought about your guest list and catering, it's onto the really fun part!

There are several Halloween themes to choose from, and therefore are really easy to adapt them to fit around your guest list, budget and venue.

Finally, here are three of our absolute favorite Halloween party themes:

Theme 1: Spook Your Guests At Your Frightening Haunted House

Haunted House Party Copyright Designbundles.net

Turning your house into a haunted one is much easier and cheaper than you may think!

The Entry

Focusing on the entry is a good idea, because this will give your guests a good impression from the start.

If you have a front garden or pathway leading to your house, you could print and laminate headstones, pinning them to posts or trees.

Gravestone Graphics

The Graveyard font is perfect for adding personalized, creepy messaging to the headstones.

A slightly controversial move would be to write each of your guest's names on their very own headstone in your garden, consequently greeting them in the most thought-provoking way!

The Graveyard Font

Also, scary signs are a must, and especially great with dripping blood fonts.

Halloween Signs

Now Create Your Eerie Backdrop

Inside the party venue, setting up a dark and eerie backdrop is a good place to start. This can be achieved simply by dimming the lights, or creating areas of candlelight.

If you have dark colored sheets or material, gathering it up and covering the walls will create a blank canvas for your Halloween party decorations.

Create a creepy music playlist with Halloween sound effects, and throw lots of wispy cobwebs all over the place.

The Finishing Touches

We've highlighted a few of our favorite Halloween SVGs and mockups below.

With 1000s of incredibly inspiring graphics available you're able to create some unique haunted house party elements easily, also at a low cost.


Love them, or hate them, place spiders over everything! Hang them from the ceiling with fishing wire, consequently creating a skin-crawling feeling for your very lucky guests.

Simply print these spider SVGs on card or paper and cut them out, or use your cutting machine.

Spider Graphics

Window Shapes

These Halloween window shapes are great if you've blocked out the light to create your eerie atmosphere. Simply print and stick up on walls, and you have instant creepy window decorations.

Halloween Window Shapes


How could we have not mentioned ghosts yet?! These creepy, but kinda cute ghosts could easily be printed onto paper and placed on walls.

Hang them off ceilings, and hide them in bathrooms to add to your haunted house style.


Host's Clothing

If you want your guests to believe you're the ghostess with the mostess, then why not get it printed on your attire?

The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Own Halloween Party Decorations 47

Prying Eyes

This is also a super-easy way to creep your guests out. Simply print and stick these bloodshot eyes to anything and everything. In the bottom of glasses or cups, on cocktail sticks in cakes, and make masks with them.

Eyeball Graphics

Is The Haunted House Theme For You?

A haunted house theme is great because it's perfect for kids and adults. Tone the venue down or up depending on how creepy you think your guests can handle!

It's cheap and easy to create an eerie atmosphere for your guests, likewise there's so much inspiration on Design Bundles to get you started if this theme isn't for you.

Theme 2: Transform Your Guests Into Witches, Wizards and Mad Scientists

Copyright Designbundles.net

A mad scientist themed Halloween party is a very easy theme to set up that works for all ages. With this theme, it's all about the detail of the food, drinks and surface decorations rather than the styling of the party venue.

Therefore, concentrate on things such as food and drinks stations, and other areas of interaction. A black candelabra, crows, mouse skeletons and a few specimens can be of much use to make your mad scientist theme come to life...

...or death!

Experimental Drinks Stations

Guests will be surprised and delighted mixing their own poisons and potions using syringes, test tubes and stirring cauldrons.

Using Design Bundles resources, create labels, backdrops, surfaces and signs for use on your drinks station that intrigue and encourage people to get stuck in.

Here are some of our most noteworthy design favorites:

Apothecary Labels

These apothecary labels have the right amount of detail to evoke fear about what a guest is going to drink.

Simply print them and stick them onto containers, bottles, test tubes and jars for an instant effect.

Apothecary Labels


'Drink Up Witches' is the perfect statement for a Halloween gathering.

Framed and hung or propped up near the drinks; it's a must for any witches gathering.

Drink Up Witches

Below is the perfect sign if you want to create some mystery and intrigue into the drinks you're serving.

A cure for wrinkles? Oh, go on then.

Potions Sign


If you're not going the whole hog and letting your guests mix their own potions, then utilizing potion graphics like this is a perfect way to set the scene.

Potion Bottle Watercolour Graphics

These vintage anatomy graphics are a brilliant fit for your science lab party.

Teamed also with a few 'real' props, and a drop or two of blood, this will be sure to delight your gore-loving guests.

Anatomy Papers

Poison Punch

You can use a large storage jar for poison punch and print a pharmacist label using the Magic Potion font. Remember, the more mad you go, the better.

Magic Potion Font

Creating Drama With Drinks

Finally, think about serving different colored drinks in different vessels.

You could pour black vodka in a clear glass skull, white wine from a poison bottle, or serve fruit juice via a drip! Though not intravenously, as that would not only be mad, but very bad indeed.

Mad Munching

A mad scientist theme would not be complete without some more weird, but wonderful creations to savor. Create a food table where there are an array of strange-looking concoctions and flavors.

Perhaps serve some mind-bending savory-tasting dishes that look like desserts and vice versa.

Also, add a bowl of shiny red, poisonous apples, inviting your guests to pick one if they dare.

Jelly, yoghurt or ice cream could be squirted into the mouths of children via a syringe.

Serve canapes impaled with eyeballs on cocktail sticks.

Furthermore, a few specimens in jars, the odd skull and a bloodied instrument to set the foody scene won't go amiss.

Spell Menu

Finally, to stop guests from asking you to share your secrets of what is being served, you could DIY a book of magic spells (drinks and food menu) using the witchcraft graphics we love, here:

Witchcraft spell graphics

Is The Mad Science Theme For You?

This theme is perfect if you don't have much space, and don't mind getting a bit experimental and messy with food and drinks.

This is a great theme for those who love to get stuck into creating weird and wonderful party pieces.

Design Bundles has your back with 100s of resources to help.

Theme 3: Stalk Your Guests With The Living Dead

If zombified hands emerging from graves, accompanied by rabid dogs with yellow eyes, matted fur and dripping mouths spark your interest, then the Living Dead Halloween party theme is for you.

Zombie Graphics

Think About Your Entrance

You can turn your garden into a zombie's playground by scattering human and animal skeletons alongside severed zombie hands digging in and out of graves.

Zombie Severed Hand

Then, evoke a feeling of apprehension in your guests as they arrive at your door covered by a ragged, blood and dirt-stained sheet.

Zombie Graphics

Also, use the dripping blood font, create a scary message that asks them to turn back or die, or to get help!

Skeleton Graphics

If they read that and enter, it's at their own risk.

Bloody Font

What's Awaiting Inside?

Inside, add scratches to doors, squirt fake blood on kitchen cupboards and on windows.

Claw Scratches Graphic

If you want to go full on zombie apocalypse mode, nail some wood across doors that are out of bounds, also close all the curtains and add big padlocks to cupboards.

What about those zombies who didn't survive?

Stuff old clothes with cushions and pile them up as though you're stockpiling your unfortunate zombie victims.

Add bloodshot eyes and sharp, blood-stained teeth to your stuffed animals, and create a zombified animal cage.

Zombie mouths

Add some zombie-themed foods like brain cakes, severed crudité fingers, watermelon zombie heads, meat on the bone, jelly body parts and so on.

What Are You Going To Wear?

One last thing.

Bad with face paint, and need a mask instead?

Design Bundles has got you covered with this selection of zombie masks!

Halloween Masks Printables

The zombie theme seems like a lot of fun, right? That's because it is!

Is The Zombie Theme For You?

If you've got a small space, the zombie theme is great, as it requires little effort and minimal cash to set the scene.

Likewise, if guts, gore and drama is your thing, zombie Halloween party decorations are so fun to make and go to town on!

Step 4: Make It Happen!

The talented Design Bundles Designers have made throwing an awesome Halloween party so easy.

The ideas for Halloween party decorations, catering and invites we've brought together for you here will make for the most memorable and enjoyable Halloween party.

So which theme will you choose? Will it be the haunted house, with gravestones, spiders and ghosts?

Or possibly the mad scientist party where guests mix their own drinks and cast their own spells?

Finally, does the thought of staging a zombie apocalypse do it for you?

With three strong themes to choose from, you're future Halloween ideas are sorted.

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