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How new freelance artists can benefit from using design templates

How new freelance artists can benefit from using design templates

The mere mention of the word "template" between designers and clients could easily spark a tensed, awkward moment during a project discussion. Clients would cringe at the thought of paying big bucks for a design cut out of a prototype or a dummy kit or a free-for-all blueprint.

At the same time, some veteran designers feel using customized designs is the true badge of a seasoned designer and templates are for beginners.


This school of thought has been popular back when templates were still in their early stages and not as sophisticated and cutting edge as they are now.

Today, the subject of whether or not to use templates when designing a client's marketing "façade" such as art, logos and website, while still a hot topic among a few seasoned designers, has already tapered off.

Because of advanced technology, modern designers have devised revolutionary ways to create templates that do not look like a bland build-your-own-box but perfectly themed and functional designs that have successfully brought home the bacon for many businesses.

If you're a beginner or a new freelance artist, you should not be fazed by this dilemma. A newbie designer taking baby steps to perfect the craft of designing can benefit from using predesigned templates. After all, you still have a lot to learn and must start from somewhere.

Here are some of the ways you can benefit from using templates.

1. Tried and Tested Formula

Design templates were created by a host of design experts who know what works and what doesn't based on years of experience. You have the luxury of not having to think through what your more seasoned colleagues have already done for you.

2. A Variety of Designs to Choose From

Designers have collaborated to put their work in one place and make it available to companies and individuals, especially website owners. This not only gives you a vast array of options to choose from, but you also have the convenience to go to just one place to get all your templates.

3. Saves Time

Needless to say, templates save you time. Having a template that you acquired from a design company gives you access to a support team that can assist you with any issues that may arise as you use a certain design.

In terms of designing a website, for instance, you don't have to bother with coding to plug the design onto the website because it's pre-coded for your convenience and it's already built on a CMS platform that you're more likely familiar with.

4. Saves Money

As most of the technical aspect of traditional or online design has been done for you, you'll have more time to speed up the process of completing your projects.

That means more projects done for a shorter period of time, which enables you to take in more projects from more clients. At the same time, templates are reasonably priced. Some are even free.

5. Incites Creativity

Designers with limited resources are the most creative. Just because you used a template does not mean your creativity should suffer. Using a template can be your biggest challenge at this point in your career.

It should spark your own special designer's flair so you can create incredible designs that employ both a seasoned designer's expert input and your own unique artistic touch.

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