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How to Convert a JPG to a Vector Graphic

Posted on 7th March 2019

Did you know that you're able to convert a JPG image into a vector image so you can resize it without losing any of the quality?

This is perfect for logos or creating SVG files from images such as photos or drawings.  I mean, how cute would it be to take your child's hand-drawn creations and turn them into a scaleable image so you can make gifts for friends and family!?

Side Note: Please don't use this information to copy other's work to sell as your own though.  Read this article all about trademarks and copyrights explaining why it's a bad idea.

There are several ways to go about doing it based on which software program and skill level you are comfortable with.   Because there are tons of tutorials already in existence so instead of recreating them, I'll just provide several links!  You can choose which one is best for your learning style and project.

You can use an online program like Vector Magic.  You upload your image and it takes care of the work for you.  Of course, there is a charge for this type of service.

Another method is to use Adobe Illustrator, this one seems to require the highest skill level in my opinion.

Youtube tutorial for Adobe Illustrator

Written with step by step photos for Adobe Illustrator

CorelDRAW has a power trace feature that makes quick work of the process, this is expensive software though so unless you already own it you probably won't want to buy it for this feature alone.

Youtube tutorial for CorelDRAW

Written with step by step photos for CorelDRAW

Finally, here's a free software version for you as well.  Because who doesn't like a method that won't break the bank!?!

Youtube tutorial for Inkscape

Written with step by step photos for Inkscape

These tutorials I've linked here are just the tip of the iceberg of what exists on Youtube and the internet.  I tried to go through and find the most direct explanations that were easy to follow.  Just search for the program you already own or are familiar with and you're sure to find a whole list of tutorials walking you through the process step by step.

As always, here's a pin for you to save for later!

How to convert a JPG graphic to a Vector Graphic




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