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How to Convert SVG to DXF

Posted on 7th March 2019

Let's start with the basics.  What is an SVG file and DXF file?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic.  Essentially it's a drawing that you can change the scale of without losing any quality.

DXF stands for Drawing eXchange File.  This is an AutoCAD file that is open sourced so multiple programs can open it instead of the AutoCAD only version DWG.

Most likely if you are looking to convert an SVG file to DXF if you want to send an image to a Silhouette CAMEO (basic software edition), CNC cutting machine, laser cutting machines, or even quilting machines!

Here are a few ways to convert SVG to DXF:

  1. Online converter tool (this is one of many available)

  2. Using Inkscape to convert (more details below)

  3. Using Adobe Illustrator to convert (more details below)

The online converter tool should be pretty obvious on how to do use it.  Most of the time you simply open the file you want to convert and upload it into their conversion tool.  After a few clicks of a button, you have a file ready to go.  Sometimes there is a charge after the first few

Inkscape (the free version of Adobe Illustrator) has several various tutorials to check out online.  I have links below based on your preferred learning style.  It really boils down to opening your file in the software, making sure the image is broken down into the right settings, and then saving it again as the correct format.

Here is a photo step by step tutorial

Here is a YouTube video tutorial (this is one of several that exist)

For Illustrator it's essentially the same steps as Inkscape.  Making sure the path is simplified for smooth cutting and saving it as the correct file type.

Here is a photo step by step tutorial

Here is a YouTube video tutorial showing the basics

It really comes down to which program you own and personal preference for which is best for you.

Here is a pin for easy reference.

How to convert SVG to DXF







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