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How to Cut Sugar Sheets with your Silhouette Cameo

How to Cut Sugar Sheets with your Silhouette Cameo

Did you know you can cut more than just craft supplies with your Silhouette Cameo?You can cut some food items too!

Today I'm going to show you how to cut sugar sheets so you can make amazing desserts and look like a professional pastry chef.you're welcome!

Supplies Needed:

First design your decorations in Silhouette Studio.

If you are using a graphic from a bundle here is a tutorial on how to open them into your design page.

Once the design has been imported it might contain several designs as one item.Ungroup it to separate the portion you want.(right click to pull up the menu)

Resize your graphics to work for your project.I simply just dragged the corner of the box until it was small enough to fit.

This design didn't have cut lines already, simply use the trace tool to create them.

You can now move the original designs off to the side or delete them.

To quickly fill the sugar sheet with my design I used the replicate tool.

You will want to leave a little more space between each design because the sugar sheets are delicate and you'll need room to work while weeding each piece.

Once you are happy with it, send it to be cut.

I used Blade: 3Speed: 1Force: 33 and a single pass.

I recommend doing a test cut to make sure those work for your machine before wasting that expensive sheet!

This is what the sugar sheet packaging looks like.It's available in the baking aisles of the big craft stores and online.

I also highly advise you to use a new cutting mat and blade that you mark for food products only.

The sugar sheets come with a plastic backing attached.I removed it and directly attached the sheet to the mat.It prevents it from accidentallyslipping or sliding on you while cutting.

Now you're ready to load it into the machine and send it to be cut. (don't forget about that test cut!!)

You might have already noticed how delicate the sugar sheets are.This part requires patience and a gentle touch.This is my favorite spatula to use to help lift the sugar from the cutting mat because of the thin and wide surface.

Gently slide the spatula tool under the sugar sheet and slide to detach it from the mat.

You'll be able to mainly use your fingers to pull away the excess material.Again, work slowly with a gentle touch.

I used an Exactoknife to create weeding lines between designs and also to trim the extra portion (if needed per your design)

To attach the sugar to the royal icing portion of the cookie simply use some sort of sponge or brush to apply a very thin layer of water to the back.This makes it sticky enough to grip, a little goes a long way.

Now you have a cookie that looks like you bought it from a professional bakery!

You can make adorable cookies for the various holidays and special occasions in your life.

If you're not a baker you can always add decor to plain cookies or cupcakes you bought at the store.

I call these my "jars of happiness" cookies.:)Sometimes you just need a cute treat to make you smile.

Bon Appetit!!

Psst... If you want to see a video of the process check out my Instagram feed, you'll need to go back several posts but I made a few quick video tutorials making my son's first birthday cookies.

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