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How to Make a Custom Disposable Food Tray

Posted on 27th June 2018

Raise your hand if you plan on hosting a big barbeque party this summer.  It can be a family reunion, neighborhood block party, graduation party, or even a wedding!

If you really want to dial up the personalization factor a notch you can make your own paper food trays!  These are perfect for hot dogs, hamburgers, submarine sandwich, etc.

Better yet, they are super simple to make and really affordable.  The only cost is the pack of paper and ink for your printer.

The Supplies Needed:

First, open up the food tray file in Silhouette Studio.

Add the registration marks since this is a print and cut project.  You want to make sure it cuts exactly where you want it too.

Now the fun part!!  Adding the graphics or words.  I am using a few SVG files from the Mini Craft Bundle and the Crafter's Delight Vol 4:

You can make this say your family names if it's a reunion, or fun wedding design files, graduation designs, etc.   Make it match your party!!

I didn't want the mom or dad portions in the graphics so this works for any BBQ occasion.  Simply ungroup the design to release the separate sections and delete the word Dad from the center.  Regroup when you're done making any changes.  Repeat for any other designs you want to modify.

Get your inner graphic designer turned on and start playing with the scales and arrangements of the graphics to fill the tray sections.  I did one side then would copy it for the other side.

Once you're happy with the results you can print them out.

Next, load the paper onto the cutting mat and send it to be cut.  Don't forget to adjust your cut settings for the paperweight you're using.

Fold along all of the cut lines.

Finally, use hot glue to hold it all together.  I tried using double stick tape and it wasn't as strong of a grip as I liked.  For holding heavier food use the strong hot glue.  No one wants to end up wearing their meal because of weak adhesive!!

Repeat for as many trays as you need!!  I personally think this really adds a lot of design to a simple party.  It makes it look like you spent a lot of money making it special, little do they know that it really cost less/same as boring paper plates.

Just add food!  I lived in Chicago for 12 years so adding ketchup to a hot dog is considered a huge no-no, haha.

The most time-consuming part of the project is cutting them out.  If you plan ahead you can make a bulk amount by cutting 10 or so each day so it's not so overwhelming.

If you make some for your party please tag me on Instagram @designedtobecrafty I would love to see them!!

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