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Make Your Own Stencils With Your Silhouette

Make Your Own Stencils With Your Silhouette

Did you know you can make your own custom stencils with your Silhouette? Of course you can cut normal vinyl as a one-time use stencil for projects, but what if you want to use it over and over again?

You can buy thicker mylar sheets to cut sturdy reusable stencils so you can customize your home.

I'm actually an interior designer with a passion for crafting so when I can combine my two loves, life is good!

We recently moved into a new home and purchased a bunch of IKEA shelves to create a built-in wall in our living room. They are nice and perform a function, but they are just a little plain.

A trick us interior designers use to create beautiful vignettes is to use multiple layers. The backmost layer (aka the wall) is one of the most important layers that is usually overlooked by most people. This literally sets the stage for everything you set in front.

Ready to make your own stencil? Here's what you'll need:

Design your stencil in Silhouette Studio.

I used a pattern I already had designed for this project. If you are using a design from a bundle you'll most likely need to trace it to create cut lines first.

Make sure that you take into account where the repeat is, you'll want an area you can line up to keep the stencil even.

Once you're happy with the design, send it to be cut.

If this is your first time cutting a new material I highly recommend making several test cuts to make sure you have the settings right. I personally did about 5 before I got the clean cut I was looking for.

I also ended up needing to add extra tape around the edges of the mylar to hold it onto my cutting mat to prevent the material slipping during the cutting process. (This is a handy trick when your cutting mat starts losing its stickiness)

Once your stencil is cut, spray the backside lightly with the spray adhesive so you can position it on the wall.

Using your stencil brush lightly coated in the paint, dab the brush gently onto the stencil. I wanted to create a watercolor/hand painted effect so I wasn't worried about having even coverage.

Repeat the process until your wall is fully painted.

You might need to add extra adhesive a few times if you're working with a larger area.

I also recommend having a wet paper towel handy to quickly wipe up any mistakes.

Now the fun part of adding your accessories!

Again, the keyword is layering. Make sure to vary the heights of your objects, stick them on top of books or boxes.

Use a variety of objects: picture frames, florals, boxes, books, sculptures, textures, etc.

We also always design with the rule of thirds in mind. Odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye so try to keep things clustered in odd-numbered groupings.

Don't be afraid to mix things up!

Place items in front of each other, angle them if needed. Just keep playing until it looks right. Have fun with it!

What are you going to go stencil now?

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