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Making Crafts Using Fun Fonts

Posted on 9th July 2017

Making Crafts Using Fun Fonts

When you think of the word "crafts," you likely imagine a childhood of Popsicle sticks, glitter glue and yarn. However, modern-day crafting is anything but juvenile. From chalkboard paint to homemade stencils, there is a wide variety of ways to make creative crafts you would be proud to use or display in your home. Whether you're looking for something fun and personalized or something useful and unique, here are some options for crafts using fonts you can find online.

Wall Hangings

One easy way to incorporate fun and interesting fonts into your crafts would be through making wall hangings. The most simple approach would be to design artwork on your computer using your font and inspirational quote of choice, then print and frame it. However, crafting can be much more hands-on. For a rustic look, a wall hanging could be made using found materials, such as pieces of wood. Paint a favorite quote on the wood using the perfect font as inspiration or as a stencil for error-free lettering. For something with an element of surprise, you could also cut the letters out of layers of fabric, as in this tutorial.

Chalkboard Art

Of course, not all crafting and artwork needs to be permanent. There are many ways to add interesting and colorful words to your home that can change with the season. One of the main ways to accomplish this is through making or purchasing a chalkboard. This could be as simple and buying a chalkboard easel, like the ones cafes use on the sidewalk, or using chalkboard paint to repurpose an old mirror or wooden board. From there, use your favorite lettering to decorate the chalkboard as desired. Some ideas are pregnancy announcements or birthday updates. You could also use your chalkboard to make seasonal or holiday decorations that you can change as needed. The possibilities are endless!

3D Artwork

Using letters that you've enlarged and printed out, you can created a 3D work of art. Choose an initial or monogram, and use the printed letters as a guide for gluing fake flowers in the shape of a letter. You could get creative and use buttons, twigs, seashells, crayons or any number of other objects that are meaningful to you. Hang it on the wall and frame it! Alternatively, use wood block letters and apply favorite photos and mod podge for a unique and personalized piece of collage art. Finally, if you're feeling ambitious (and you don't get anxious when you destroy literature), find an old book and use your font stencil to cut out a letter, which you can then display in your home library.

Practical Word Art

There are also many ways to use letters to create practical crafts. Using printed fonts, cut pieces of cork board to create a word you can then use as a personalized bulletin board. Use that famous chalkboard paint again to color a large, cut-out letter that you can write notes on for the family. Woodworkers could even use a unique font to create a word-based shelf. While letters and word art can be great decorations, they can also give your family useful items that are also uniquely you.

There are hundreds of creative ideas out there for making crafts using your favorite fonts and lettering. From inspiring quotes to practical bulletin boards, filling your house with words of wisdom has never been easier!

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