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Modern Holiday Wreath

Posted on 19th November 2017

I'm usually not the kind of person to start decorating for the holidays before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is honestly my favorite holiday of them all!  It's the only one that's simply about family, friends, and sharing a meal together while being thankful for what we have.  Yet I feel like it's one of the most "forgotten" holidays because December is right around the corner and that's where most of the focus goes.

So I'm tip-toeing into bringing the holiday spirit into our world and I'm starting at our front door.

Let's make a modern holiday wreath!  It's a simple project that looks anything but when completed.

Supplies Needed:

First I did a test arrangement to make sure I had the plan.

I got some branches with bells to use as a base layer.  Since the metal in the stems is pliable, you can bend it to match the shape of the wreath.  Attach it to the hoop using a thick layer of hot glue.  Watch those fingers!!

Then add the greenery stems on top with the same process as above.  I brought them down about 1-1.5" from the tips of the branches.

Most flower bushes are really easy to take apart.  The flower heads will pop off easily so you can a single flower head to work with.

Trim off the extra little bit of stem so it's the same depth as the hoop.

Use another thick glob of hot glue to attach the stem to the inside of the hoop in the center of your stems.  I added another thick layer over the top once the first layer dried.

Yep, the wreath is done, I told you this was a simple project!!  All that's left is to add a string to hang it on your door.

I chose a red decorative string and made a simple loop and hooked it around the screw on top of the embroidery hoop.

Sometimes the simplest projects are the ones that impress you the most.  I absolutely love how minimal this looks.

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