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The Best Easter Fonts for Spring Crafts

The Best Easter Fonts for Spring Crafts

With so many occasions to customize or personalize crafts, especially for holidays, you may be on the lookout for some new Easter fonts! There is such a wide range of lettering styles when it comes to this category that you may even feel a bit overwhelmed. From sweet spring typefaces to full themes, you can find it all when searching through products and categories. While font hoarding is a real thing, some crafters and makers are more particular about the choices they make. Depending on the project you're working on, or the look you want to achieve, you may want to use something you already have or buy a new font. There can be quite a lot that goes into those design decisions!

I searched the marketplace for Easter fonts and found such an incredible amount of unique options that I can't help but share with you! From bunny ear fonts to happy Easter fonts, I've compiled a list of fabulous typefaces that will take your art or craft projects up a notch. We're going down the rabbit hole of Easter fonts; won't you join me?

1. Spring Dreams Font Created by Justina Tracy

Get ready to be wowed by this sensational spring font with all the Easter vibes! Most of the characters in this set are Easter doodles, so this would be considered a word art font. I just know it's cute as can be! Doodles like this can be quite impactful and in order to let that shine, it's best to limit how many words you use. Pick a few that you want to stand out, and then use a coordinating style of lettering to fill out the rest of your quote or design. This font definitely calls for pastel or bright colors, so pick your materials wisely when you start crafting!

Spring Dreams FontImage Credit: Justina Tracy

2. Sir Hops Bunny Font Created by Nichole Andrew

If you've ever asked for a recommendation for a bunny font in one of the many Facebook groups, you've likely seen this one come up. A very popular font for crafters and makers, Sir Hops is one of the most adorable fonts for Easter. With a mixed size character, and options that include both bunny ears and tails you can create some really stunning Easter crafts. This is one the kids will love and will look fantastic for adding names or other lettering quotes to Easter baskets or buckets!

Sir Hops Bunny Font

Image Credit: Nichole Andrew

3. Easter Monogram Font Created by Anastasia Feya's Fonts & Crafts

Easter is the perfect time to put a monogram font to use, and this one has been specially crafted for Easter. Big and bold characters are accented by adorable bunnies, eggs, and chicks. You get flexibility and options crafters since this is a full set that includes a base (full character with no accents), a split letter style, and a regular version with accents. Think of all the ways you can use this bold style! It truly is a rather happy Easter font and deserves some gorgeous color palettes to show off those cute accents.

Easter Monogram Font

Image Credit: Anastasia Feya's Fonts & Crafts

4. Easter Egg Hunt Created by Plus

Designed with crafters and makers in mind, this cute font for Easter is detailed but has minimal nodes so it will be much easier and quicker to cut on your Cricut or Silhouette. You have to appreciate that aspect! Those adorable little bunny ears, eggs, and chicks that you see are attached and welded to the characters meaning everything you cut will all be the same color. Keep that in mind when selecting materials or colors! While this font was created in such a way to minimize nodes, it is still intended to be used for large text, like headers or ornamental purposes. Grab this adorable font and use it for cards, social media graphics, or even use it to accent a blog post.

Easter Egg Hunt

Image Credit: Plus

5. Easter Silhouette Font Created by Salt and Pepper Designs

This Easter font is practically the opposite of the one above! With the exception of a few cute elements, most of the decorative items are subtracted from the characters giving it an almost shadow-like effect. The characters themselves are bold and will stand out well against whatever background or material you use for your crafts or graphics. So many sweet details make this a fantastic choice for headings or wherever you want a bold vibe!

Easter Silhouette Font

Image Credit: Salt and Pepper Designs

6. Snuggle Bunny Font Created by Plus

Plus members looking for cute fonts for Easter will love the versatility of Snuggle Bunny! It's a 3 in 1 package deal, with a cute bunny ear style, a monogram option, and even an SVG file. The split letter monogram version would be so sweet added to bags or baskets for the little ones' egg hunt. Use contrasting colors, or go for a monochromatic look and create something adorable using these quirky characters!

Snuggle Bunny FontImage Credit: Plus

7. Little Bunny Font Created by Cute Files

Search the Easter Font category and see if this darling bunny font doesn't catch your eye! I'm a huge fan of layering characters of the same font to get that fun look like that shown in the designer's example photo. You can easily accomplish a similar feel by using both the bold and the outline versions of this font. Pick your colors so they complement one another, or provide contrast and go to town with designing or crafting! There are even a few charming doodles included that are vector formats so you can edit and tweak them.

Little Bunny Font

Image Credit:Cute Files

8. Ears To You Created by Miss Mary's Embroidery

Pick your style and achieve adorable Easter design perfection with just a few keystrokes! Uppercase letters include bunny ears and lowercase do not, meaning you can use this fun and quirky font all year long. I love when you can versatility like this! Add in the cheery doodles, and this one is a winner! The graphic designer has suggested mixing and matching upper and lower case letters for a custom look, and I couldn't agree more. Ears on every letter could easily be overkill and make your text hard to read.

Ears To You Bunny Font

Image Credit: Miss Mary's Embroidery

9. Bunny Ears Script Font Created by KA Designs

Since this bunny ears font wasn't created to include the accent on every character, you get to pick and choose when to use it! Access the ears by a keystroke shortcut and weld them together for a clean cut. KA Designs is known for her popular fonts and how easy and clean they are to use, and this one is no exception. Get quirky and cute text with Bunny Ears and add your quotes or graphics to keychains, t-shirts, mugs, and more!

Bunny Ears Script Font

Image Credit: KA Designs

10. Bunny Butt Font Duo Created by Sugar Bear Studio

Add a fluffy bunny butt to your letters with this delightful font duo! One version includes both the tail and ears and the other has just the ears. Mix and match your characters or use just one set; either option is sure to be adorable! If you've been on the hunt for a happy Easter font, consider adding this one to your stash of fonts. Even some of the punctuation includes bunny ears, which is always a nice touch. There are so many ways to use Bunny Butt for your projects from t-shirt designs to poster art!

The Best Easter Fonts for Spring Crafts 10

Image Credit: Sugar Bear Studio

Easter is one of those holidays that is just plain fun to craft for, and the right font for Easter can really take your project up a notch! I had fun searching for the best options that all creative types will love, including designers and crafters. I hope that you found one or two that you love as much as I do! Did you fall in love with one of the Plus product fonts I shared but can't access it because you aren't a Plus Member? You can try it out and Sign up for a Free30 Day Trial of the Gold Plus Membershiptoday! If you decide to use one for a project, be sure to tag us and share on social media in our Facebook community group.

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