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Facebook Group Closure FAQ

The Bittersweet Goodbye to Facebook Groups. Closing the Chapter FAQ's.

Why are the Facebook groups closing?

We've had such a great time connecting with all of you on the Facebook groups! However, we've decided to streamline our support efforts and will be focusing on other channels. Though it's difficult to say goodbye to the groups, we genuinely believe that this will improve your experience with us and ensure your success as our valued customer.

Where can I access support and assistance after the Facebook group closure?

Don’t worry! We’re just an email away. For any questions or concerns, reach out through the website's Help Center and our Customer Success Team will be ready to help with any inquiries. As we say farewell to the Facebook groups, we’re shifting our focus to provide even more dedicated support and assistance.

Will there be an alternative community platform for designers and crafters after the closure?

Absolutely! Even after the closure, there will still be alternative community platforms available for designers and crafters. Our Community Forum, Facebook Page, and other social media platforms will remain active and accessible. You can count on these platforms to continue fostering a vibrant and supportive community where designers and crafters can connect, share, and collaborate. So, even though things may be changing, the community spirit will still be alive and well. We're here to support and inspire each other throughout this journey!

How can I get font identification support after the Facebook group closure?

The font journey continues! While we bid goodbye to the Facebook group, there are plenty of avenues for font enthusiasts like you to explore. You can venture into online font identification tools, websites, and font communities, where fellow enthusiasts and resources await to assist you with all your font identification needs!

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