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Tips and Tricks for

Posted on 13th June 2019

Did you know that there are all sorts of tips and tricks on and when you select a particular product?

Let's start with!

If you find a font that comes with extra glyphs and alternatives and want to know what they look like before you purchase, you can!

There's an orange bar on the right-hand side that you can click on which will open a pdf document showing the full font and all the included features.

I'm using Bridgesty as an example:

Here is an example of what that pdf looks like:


You know what's even better than that?  After you purchase the font and have it downloaded you're able to copy and paste those letters/glyphs into your design software without having to pull up the character map!  Simply highlight the letter and copy it.  Then go to your design software and paste it.  (I'm using a font I already own for this example)

There is also a handy video that walks you through the process of purchasing, downloading, and installing your new fonts.

Finally, if you want to see how a certain word or phrase will look in the font you're considering you can preview the font at the bottom of the page.

For non-English languages, you can type out accented characters in another program (Word, or NotePad, etc) then you can copy them and paste them into the Font Preview tool to see if the characters are included in that font.

Basically, you should be able to see everything about the font BEFORE you purchase it so you know exactly what you're getting.


Let's go to now!

This page has a handy video showing you how to use SVG files if you are new to them.  I'm using Bouquet Alphabet for this example.

The designer should have all of the images included in the purchase shown below the main graphic.  They usually include a few sample projects using their designs to help give you ideas on how to use them.

If you need to learn more tricks and tips about how to use all of these amazing products we have a full design school for teaching you how to use the most common design software programs.

If you need help beyond that there's a great team of customer support people waiting to help answer any questions/concerns too.

In fact, there's a troubleshooting guide for commonly asked questions on that customer support page:

Don't forget to pin this for later so you remember all of these handy tips!

Tips and Tricks for

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