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Tips for Creating the Perfect Recruitment Flyer

Tips for Creating the Perfect Recruitment Flyer

As spring gives way to the busy seasons of summer and fall, your organization is likely gearing up to recruit students or professionals to its programs. In order to attract the best talent, you need to create the best recruitment materials you can. Here are some useful tips for creating the perfect recruitment flyer to catch the eye of a prospective applicant.

recruitment flyer

Tip 1: Mind Your P's and Q's

Nothing turns away a potential new hire faster than a shoddily spelled or poorly worded advertisement. Before you send your flyer to the printer, make sure you've double-checked the content for errors.

Better yet: Have another pair of eyes at your organization confirm that everything is correct before you hit print.

Tip 2: Take It to the Next Level With Good Design

To make sure your flyer catches an applicant's eye as he browses the local bulletin board, you need to have a flair for design. Luckily, there are many online services to help you make your product stand out.

From bundles of graphics to creative doodles, you can make your flyer truly stand out with the right attributes or additions.

Tip 3: Maximize Your Layout

You want your recruitment flyer layout to work in your favor. Filling the page with text and pictures will likely overwhelm a busy opportunity browser. Instead, make sure you utilize the white space so that the viewer's eyes are drawn to the most important facts (for example: position title, compensation or your contact information).

You can make these items more visible by using font formatting or frames. You can also play around with using light and dark areas to contrast each other, essentially guiding the eye to what is most important.

Tip 4: Use Color to Your Advantage

A good flyer contains several different colors -- we've all looked past the basic, black-and-white recruitment pages at the local coffee shop, haven't we? While you want your product to look professional, that doesn't mean it needs to be aesthetically boring.

Play around with using splashes of color to accent important pieces of information or using complementary colors (such as blue and orange or yellow and violet) to make a great -- and artistic -- first impression.

Tip 5: Watch Your Language

No, we don't mean avoid four-letter words. When you draft the text of your flyer, you want to make sure you're representing the position and your organization in its best possible light.

This means using positive and personal language, showing that your opportunity is a better choice than your competitors, being clear about the benefits (WIIFM, or "what's in it for me?"), and including a call to action at the end that explains how they can get involved.

Tip 6: Pick the Perfect Font

Finally, a recruitment flyer that is otherwise perfect can be brought up short by getting too creative with font choice. Be sure to choose a font that is easy to read, especially from a distance. You can find a huge variety of creative fonts online to use for your materials.

Be sure to avoid scripted fonts that may be hard to make out and small font sizes that make your exciting language hard to decipher.

Making a recruitment flyer can be a fun use of your creative talents. Make sure you attract the best talent by using these six tips.

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