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Top 7 Fonts for Summer

Posted on 4th May 2017

summer fonts

Warm weather is certainly cause for celebration. From classic pool parties to classy cocktail nights, the possibilities for summer entertaining are endless. Of course, event planning involves a level of promotional material crafting, and you want your creations to really take the cake. Bring your invitations and decorations to the next level with the top seven fonts for summer.

1. Scamper


The font Scamper is a great pick for a kid-friendly summer event. Ironically, Scamper started out as a winter font, complete with snowflakes. These days, this cute and whimsical typeface comes in a variety of styles, and would add the perfect touch to a child's birthday party invitations or place cards. Of course, the snowflakes are still an option -- Christmas in July, anyone?

2. Girlfriend

girlfriend font

A girls' night out (or in) demands a sweet, fun font like Girlfriend. With just the right amount of fun, this modern calligraphy font would work perfectly on an invitation to a new cocktail bar. Better yet, an invitation to a night in with movies and manicures! Honeycomb is another sweet and dainty font, just right for a night with your squad.

3. Scratch


If you're the outdoorsy type, this font would be a great choice for a camping weekend with friends. Draft up those invitations (complete with pictures of campfires and roasting marshmallows) and use Scratch to add a unique, carefree feel to the invite. Other fonts, such as Woodburn and Waterfall, would also create the right vibe.

4. Charcuterie


A rooftop wine or beer tasting party would be a great way to welcome the warmer evenings of summer. Prepare your drink and food labels with Charcuterie font for a classic yet hip look. With fun frames and playful additions, your decorations are sure to be authentically cool. Looking for something a little different? Check out Morning Glory, with its fun, turn-of-the-century style that would look perfect against a backdrop of craft cocktails.

5. Sandglow


This font has a distinctly west coast vibe, perfect for a beach or pool party. With a thick, handmade look, Sandglow evokes images of palm trees, sunshine and long days spent by the water. Use it on invitations or to draft up signage for that outdoor concert you're planning. Breezy Beach also lends a City of Angels air to materials with its dry-brushed touch.

6. Braveheart


Throwing your best friend a bridal shower in advance of her summer wedding festivities? A sweet and romantic script font like Braveheart would add a beautiful touch to the invitations, decorations, food labels and more. Designed by hand, it will look almost as homemade as your thoughtful favors.

7. Summers


Of course, what list of the top summer fonts would be complete without a font called Summers? This typeface would be ideal for any summer event you can think of, from a chili cook-off to a picnic in the park. Handmade and complete with a collection of adorable glyphs, this font will make sure all your materials are ready for fun in the sun.

With so many font options to choose from, it's easy to create stylish materials and invitations for all your events this summer. Whether you're chilling poolside or toasting to longer days on the roof, finding the right font for the occasion is a breeze.

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