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Unique and Whimsical Fonts To Inspire Your Next Project

Unique and Whimsical Fonts To Inspire Your Next Project

Nowadays, there are so many unique typefaces to choose from! If you're looking for something a little different, you'll love these whimsical fonts. Artists, designers, and crafters know the value of choosing a good font. Sometimes that means using a typeface that's loved by everyone or selecting something offbeat like quirky fonts. What is it that makes a particular font or typeface quirky or whimsical anyway? There is no definitive answer to that question as each person will have their own perspective. That's what makes it fun! Do you have any favorites or go-to fonts that fit this style?

We've rounded up some great options to share with you. These ten whimsical fonts and bundles have a special style that's sure to inspire your next creative project. Cheerful styles such as these are fantastic for everything from card designs to scrapbooking. So get ready to craft and design outside the box!

1. Allspice Created by Missy Meyer Fonts

The queen of quirky fonts, Missy Meyer, gives us this fabulous mixed case font. Allspice features a full set of alternates that are, as Missy says, "a little taller, swoopier, and goofier." What a fantastically accurate description! Mix and match the regular style with the alternates for an offbeat effect or use them separately. Designs that use mixed case text often give off that whimsical vibe on their own. Add a typeface created with that mood in mind, and prepare to be amazed!

Allspice Font

Image Credit: Missy Meyer Fonts

2. Crafter Font Bundle Created by Sabrina Schleiger Design

While this marvelous bundle may have been created with crafters and makers in mind, it's suitable for many projects. If you have a program that uses installed fonts, then you can use these! Every one of the eight options in this bundle would be considered a quirky font, plus there's one quirky script font as well. There's a really nice variety of styles included, but they also work well together, so it's a win-win. From kids' versions to adults, the t-shirt design ideas you can create with this bundle are practically endless!

Crafter Font Bundle

Image Credit: Sabrina Schleiger Design

3. Signature Blend Created by BrownCow Creatives

This eclectic font will perk you right up! Or at least give you some creative inspiration anyway. Not just a mixed case font, but one that mixes everything, making it quite special. Check out the various preview images for ideas on how to use it and to see all the characters included! As you can see from the photos, there are some thin sections. With that in mind, it could mean this whimsical font would be best used for printing techniques rather than cutting. Of course, size and application always come into play, so keep that in mind!

Signature Blend Font

Image Credit: BrownCow Creatives

4. Twisted Lemon Created by theinkaffair

Take a look at twisted lemon font if you're on the lookout for something quirky. Sporting A-Z characters in both upper and lower case, you can find a combination of styles that will really pop! Twisted Lemon would be a truly fun choice for creating artwork or typography geared toward children with such a playful nature. In fact, poster art would look fantastic! Or why not create a logo for your small business that has big style? You can go all out with branding as well.

Twisted Lemon Font

Image Credit: theinkaffair

5. Millesh Script Created by Airotype

Crafters and graphic designers could easily spend hours browsing through the marketplace to find the perfect typeface. Searching for a script with a unique style isn't always easy, which is why Millesh is such a fabulous find! Take a monoline, add some unique bounce to the baseline, and you get one fabulous quirky script font. Use it alone for a messy look, or combine it with a sans serif to achieve that casual vibe. Plus, you can install Millesh on your computer and use it in almost any software, from PowerPoint to Silhouette!

Millesh Script Font

Image Credit: Airotype

6. Quirky Font Bundle Created by Blankids

Beginning crafters and graphic designers often find big bundles like this one to be the best choice. Including more than twenty quirky fonts included, you can add some spectacular options to your portfolio. Some bundles, like this one, have a huge variety of styles! Pick from cute scripts, quirky layered styles, adorable handwritten fonts, and more. They all have a playful nature, making them suitable for any number of projects. The font designer has an incredible variety of fabulous fonts and terrific typefaces in their shop, so have a browse!

Quirky Font Bundle

Image Credit: Blankids

7. Pink Margarita Created by KA Designs

If you're a big fan of font designer KA Designs, then you'll go wild for Pink Margarita! Not only are her fonts easy to work with in your software, but they cut like a dream on your cutting machines like Cricut and Silhouette. This quirky font has readily interchangeable characters that can be mixed with others or used with other fonts. Try a few different styles or typefaces until you find one that gives you the look you're aiming for!

Pink Margarita Font

Image Credit: KA Designs

8. Good Morning Gorgeous Created by CinnamonAndLime

If you get the feeling that you've seen this font before, you probably have! Good Morning Gorgeous is most definitely a best-selling quirky font that is well-loved by graphic designers and crafters alike. Who can blame them? Its fun and whimsical style work just as well for holiday-themed projects as it does quote graphics or social media images! Try creating an offset in your software and layer that behind the text for a little extra pop. Use contrasting or coordinating colors to change the vibe. Whatever you do, you're bound to create something incredible!

Good Morning Gorgeous Font

Image Credit: CinnamonAndLime

9. The Shady Frog Created by Endless Time Graphics

Newly released, The Shady Frog is just plain fun! While it might appear to be a simple font, you may just be pleasantly surprised by the unique characters. There are a few with the sweetest swirls and curls. When you're on the hunt for whimsical fonts, be sure to look at handwritten ones like this. They often have little details that stand out and add great character. The Shady Frog is considered a mixed case font, which means you'll find some interesting combinations of upper and lowercase characters!

The Shady Frog Font

Image Credit: Endless Time Graphics

10. Big Font Bundle Created by Airotype

Last but not least is this huge font bundle with a wide array of styles. There are more than forty fonts included so that you can find something for practically every art or craft project. Need a cute script? No problem! How about a couple of quirky fonts? Sure thing! Large bundles with a mix of typefaces can be a fantastic choice for those just starting out in the crafting world. With holiday and special occasion-themed fonts, you can craft or create all year long without ever having to search out new fonts!

Big Font Bundle for Crafters

Image Credit: Airotype

How about it, creatives, are you feeling inspired now? We sure hope our list of whimsical fonts has helped! Occasionally we all seem to lose that creative inspiration and don't always know how to get it back. The answer isn't always obvious, but sometimes finding new creative resources can spur you into action again.

Even if you have an entire spreadsheet filled with ideas, you can never go wrong browsing and seeing what's out there! Did you find a new favorite among these quirky fonts? We'd love to hear from you and see the awesome things you create! Be sure to join our Facebook Community group if you haven't already!

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